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Hamlin Double Header on Friday
4 p.m.: 7th Grade GBB followed by 8th grade GBB - Parent Sponsored
This is not for sure - we'll try to do three streams at once!
4 p.m.: Boys C Game - Sponsored by Hefty Seed
This is not for sure - we'll try to do two streams at once!
4 p.m.: Girls JV - Shane Clark doing the play-by-play.
Sponsored by Adam and Nicole Wright
Boys JV to follow
Sponsored by Weber Landscaping
Varsity Girls to follow - Shane Clark doing the play-by-play
Varsity Boys to conclude the night
Varsity games sponsored by
Bary Keith at Harr Motors
Bierman Farm Service
Blocker Construction
Dacotah Bank
Groton Chamber of Commerce
Groton Ford
John Sieh Agency
Locke Electric 
Spanier Harvesting & Trucking
Bahr Spray Foam
Thunder Seed with John Wheeting


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