The Board of Trustees for the Town of Claremont met in regular session on 4-9-2024 at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall.

President Johnson called the meeting to order with trustees Spencer and Rasmussen present.

The minutes of the March meeting were approved on a motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Spencer. Motion carried.

On a motion by Spencer and seconded by Rasmussen the following warrants were approved:


JVT, phone, internet, 140.18; Full Circle Ag, propane, 895.00; GDI, publishing 36.15; NWE, street lights, 373.21; NWE, city hall, 82.99; Jason Spencer, 6 hrs. snow removal, 88.66; Charla Rye wage, 500.00; IRS, 1st Qtr. report, 309.28; Butler Machinery Co., parts and handling, 519.08.


Corporate Trust TFM US Bank Trust, debt service/sewer, 5461.36; BDM, water purchased, 820.80; Helms & Assoc., storm sewer design, 14,175.00; NWE, pump house, 109.81; NWE, sewer #1 power, 53.40; NWE, sewer #2 power, 19.83; USDA Rural Development, water loan, 576.00.

The Board was informed that the added insurance that the railroad is demanding we carry to bore under the railroad tracks is what is slowing the progress of the storm water project.

With no further business before the board a motion was made by Rasmussen to adjourn and seconded by Spencer. Motion carried.

Charla Ryle, F.O.

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