2018 Salary Ordinance

Frederick Town

2018 Salary



The following salaries have been apportioned to Frederick City Employees for the year 2018. A motion was made at the monthly Frederick Board Meeting January 8, 2018, by TM/GS.  Motion Carried.

General Administrative Salaries

R. Scott Campbell, Board Chairman, $25/Chrman + $25/Meeting

Troy Millard, Board Member, $25/Meeting

Gary Schlosser, Board Member, $25/Meeting

Mowing, general, $10/hour

Cemeter Salary/City

Richard Bakeberg, Wayside Cemetery Sexton, $500/Year (semi annually)

Streets, Water, Sewer Salary  

Richard Bakeberg, UT Manager, $13/hour + $100 Base + $75/vehicle allowance

Community Center Salary

Diane Bruns, Maintenance/Scheduling, $10.50/hour Maintenance + $25 /month Scheduling

Finance Office Salaries

Diane Bruns, Finance Officer, $1400/month

Assistant Finance Officer, $850/month

Emma Burnham Library

Mavis Cox, Librarian, $11/hour

Landfill Salary

Edgar Head, Supervisor, $10/hour

Diane Bruns, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $13.72. 15304