Frederick School

August 13

Meeting Minutes



AUGUST 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order on August 13, 2018 at 7:00pm by President Rich Schlosser.  Members present were Dan Nickelson, Jon Ellwein, Alex Hart and Rich Achen.  Others present were Superintendent/9-12 Principal/Athletic Director Jeff Kosters, K-8 Principal Jessica Ringgenberg and Business Manager Janel Wagner.

The meeting began with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Members of the public were allowed three minutes to address the board on any topic of their choice.  With no public members wishing to speak, the board moved on with their remaining agenda items.

President Schlosser welcomed visitors Tom Hunstad and Christine Kosters.

Action 18-025 Motion by Hart, second by Nickelson to approve the agenda as amended:  add 6d. NCSEC report; move #8 Conflicts of Interest Disclosure pursuant SDCL 23-3 to Action Item 7i.   All aye, carried.

Action 18-026 Motion by Ellwein, second by Achen to approve consent agenda which included the following items as presented:  minutes of meetings held July 9, 2018 and July 31, 2018; July 2018 financial report, agency accounts and investments; July 2018 District bills and payroll.  All aye, carried.

Claims approved:  July Payroll – General Fund salaries 62,055.72; Special Education salaries 4,847.96; Food Service salaries 469.03.  EFTPS, federal income tax/Social Security/Medicare 18,702.12; AFLAC, supplemental insurance 450.76; American Funds, retirement 1,095.50; Delta Dental, insurance 1,525.96; Reliastar Life, insurance 155.55; SD Retirement 10,829.36; SD Retirement Supplemental, 465.50; Security Benefits, retirement 367.50; VSP, vision insurance 233.88, Wellmark, health insurance 18,875.00.

General Fund:  A & B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, fax toner 97.90; ABERDEEN AWARDS, award plaques 132.00; AGTEGRA, gasoline/motor oil 4,372.68; AMAZON, classroom supplies 405.53; ARROWWOOD RESORT, travel 203.90; AUTO VALUE ABERDEEN, parts 375.80; BEST WESTERN RAMKOTA HOTEL, travel 425.97; BLEDSOE FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC, DOT physical 80.00; CARSON DELLOSA, classroom supplies 43.96; CHILD THERAPY TOYS, classroom supplies 114.92; CLIMATE CONTROL, repairs 571.15; CURRICULUM ASSOCIATES LLC, classroom supplies 178.98;DAKOTA BROADCASTING, LLC, radio ads 500.00; DREAMBOX LEARNING, license 2,707.50; ELLENDALE TRUE VALUE, chain 24.29; FARNAM'S GENUINE PARTS INC, parts 58.81; FOREMAN SALES AND SERVICE, parts 236.10; FRESH START 6, gasoline 20.51; GDI News, publishing 232.23; GOPHER SPORT, PE equipment 936.35; GOVERLAN, INC, software support 200.00; HOBBY LOBBY, frames/cricut mats 77.03; IXL LEARNING, license 1,350.00; JAMES VALLEY TELECOMM, telephone 240.57; JM ELECTRIC INC, wire shed/supplies 1,587.36; JOSTENS, yearbooks 1,031.90; KEN’S ALIGNMENT, repairs 31.16; LAKESHORE LEARNING, classroom supplies 392.01; LEARNING A-Z, licenses 359.90; LEARNING WITHOUT TEARS, classroom supplies 121.00; LODGE AT DEADWOOD, travel 273.00; MAC'S INC, parts 44.83; MAIN STREET STATION, repairs 900.00; MENARDS ABERDEEN, paint/supplies/tools 1,340.57; MERCHANT SERVICES, online lunch payment fees 60.75; M-F ATHLETICS, track equipment 112.00; MIDWEST PEST CONTROL, maintenance 55.00; MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO, electric 2,281.22; NIAAA, training course 125.00; NCS PEARSON, INC, software 445.50; O'REILLY AUTO PARTS, parts 1,754.52; PANTORIUM CLEANERS INC, supplies 168.75; PHILIP PIT STOP, travel 26.04; POMP'S TIRE SERVICE, INC, tires 3,042.76; PRECISION FLOORS & INTERIORS, base installation 300.00; REALLY GOOD STUFF, LLC, classroom supplies 41.41; ROCHESTER 100 INC, communication folders 125.00; SCHOLASTIC INC, Scholastic News 215.06; SCHOLASTIC, INC, classroom supplies 51.82; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, classroom supplies/trash can 171.46; SCHWAN WELDING, repairs 37.85; SD TEACHER PLACEMENT CENTER, enrollment fee 420.00; SDASBO, conference registration fees 75.00; SOFTWARE HOUSE INTL, license 437.12; STONEWARE, INC, licenses 1,900.00; SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES OF AMERICA, magazines 170.79; TOWN OF FREDERICK, utilities 174.72; TRAINING ROOM INC, training supplies 267.98; TRUST AND AGENCY FUND, Imprest reimbursement 128.25; UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, postage 64.29; WALMART, classroom supplies 457.72.  Capital Outlay Fund:  A & B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, printing contract/chair 1,632.13; AMAZON, textbooks 293.19; APPLE, iPads 7,460.00; BSN SPORTS, LLC, dial-a-down indicators 545.00; CHRISTIANBOOK.COM, textbooks 213.36; COMMITTEE FOR CHILDREN, license 2,728.00; CONNECTING POINT, smart TVs & mounts 16,946.80; FLAGHOUSE, Quick Goals 1,424.36; THE MARKERBOARD PEOPLE, classroom supplies 237.95; MENARDS ABERDEEN, window blinds 134.40; PEARSON EDUCATION INC, textbooks 4,148.56; PRO-VISION INC, bus camera 1,075.02; SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, two way radios 2,637.22; TEACHER INNOVATIONS, INC, subscription 243.00; WALMART, bookcase 149.00.  Special Education Fund:  PARENT, mileage 134.40; AVERA ST LUKES, occupational therapy 840.00; PARENT, mileage 223.56; NCS PEARSON, INC, scoring program 40.00; PRO-ED INC, workbooks 427.90; PARENT, mileage 100.80; UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, postage 15.80.  Food Service Fund:  RAMKOTA HOTEL, travel 183.98; TRUST AND AGENCY FUND, Imprest reimbursement 74.00.

The following reports were presented:

A. Tom Hundstad of Johnson Controls presented options for HVAC Service contracts

B. Jeff Kosters - Superintendent/9-12 Principal/Athletic Director

C. Jessica Ringgenberg – K-8 Principal

D. Dan Nickelson – NESEC board report

Action 18-027 Motion by Ellwein, second by Nickelson to sign a Premium Plan service contract with Johnson Controls for HVAC services.  All aye, carried. 

Action 18-028 Motion by Nickelson, second by Achen to approve Open Enrollment Applications #19-9, #19-10 and #19-11.  All aye, carried.

Action 18-029 Motion by Hart, second by Ellwein to approve receipt of public school exemption application #18-6.  All aye, carried.

Action 18-030 Motion by Ellwein, second by Hart to accept the following 2018-2019 coaching contracts:  Janelle Barondeau, Head Cross Country 5,268.75; Marty Morlock, Assistant Football 3,030.00; Jeff Kosters-Jr High Football 3,122.88; Jeff Kosters-Head Girls Basketball 5,165.44; Sarah Sumption-Jr High Girls Basketball 2,274.85; Brock Pashen, Boys Basketball 4,237.46; Marty Morlock, Head Track 5,064.16.  All aye, carried.

Action 18-031 Motion by Ellwein, second by Achen to approve items as surplus and authorize the Business Manager to dispose of the items.  All aye, carried.

Action 18-032 Motion by Nickelson, second by Ellwein to adopt Policy BFC – Policy Adoption.  All aye, carried.

Action 18-033 Action by Nickelson, second by Achen to adopt Policy BDDH – Public Participation at Board Meetings.  All aye, carried.

Action 18-034 Motion by Ellwein, second by Hart to adopt Policy AH – Conflict of Interest.  All aye, carried.

Action 18-035 Motion by Hart, second by Ellwein to accept two Conflict of Interest Disclosures for Jeff Kosters.  All aye, carried.

The board had no formal recognitions.

Action 18-036 Motion by Nickelson, second by Hart to adjourn at 8:08pm.  All aye, carried.

Richard Schlosser, President

Janel Wagner, Business Manager        

Published once at the total approximate cost of $145.75. 16441