Columbia City

Aug. 7, 2018

Meeting Minutes

City of Columbia Council Meeting

August 7, 2018    7pm


ROLL CALL –Ellen Harr, Corey Mitchell, Cara Dennert, Tyler Kampa, Trevor Meints 

Community present – Jeremy Dosch

Corey Mitchell called the meeting to order.  Minutes were passed out from the July meeting.    Trevor Meints made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Tyler Kampa seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.

WARRANT VOUCHERS:  check revision – Ellen Harr – 74.12 (previous incorrect amount from July - 107.06) ; Northwestern Energy – 516.03; JVT – 240.66; Menards – 42.58; Wolf Construction – 23,622.84; Menards – 298.05; Sam’s Club – 372.92; Brown County Treasury (Weed &  Pest) – 792.40; Hattie Weismantel – summer rec. supplies -  208.37; Hattie Weismantel – wages – 120.00; Jeremy Dosch – 419.98; Kelsie Ehresmann – 419.99; Cara Dennert – 823.50; Menards – 307.00; HKG – 2240.00; GDI – 38.79;                   Web Water – 36.76  Tyler Kampa made a motion to accept the vouchers as presented minus the HKG bill.  Trevor Meints seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.



Nuisances – Danny Kimball bought Jay’s lot – did some dirt work and it’s looking good.  There are many vehicles around town that have expired licenses.  These people will be talked to about taking care of this.

Streets – there have been loads of gravel put on the city streets.  There was discussion on the B&B Construction bid to add additional gravel and blading of streets.

Parks – the park has a draining tank that needs installation.  Tyler talked to Ryan who worked on the city office and he will come down and help for final hook ups.  House of Glass has been contacted about the concession stand window.  The umbrella needs to come down for the season.  Next year – we need better fencing along the highway and we also need to stop vehicles from parking near concession stand.

Lagoon/sewer – Ellen reported that these will be draining the sewer.  Atech will be coming on the 9th or 10th to flush the sewers.

Sewer accounts – nothing new

Rubble Site –we need to order a sign for the gates.  Jeremy is not mowing down there.  We need to get gates ordered/replaced.

New Shop – the overhangs and cement floor have been sealed.  There was discussion on the HKG bill.  They previously told us that we weren’t getting any more bills from them.  We are not paying this bill.  Corey will follow up with Ted.  Cara and Ellen will go in shopping to pick out the appliances for city office.  There was discussion on putting landscaping rock around building.  The tanks need to be moved before fall.


We discussed the possibility of some area youth helping with working on weed eating and other small jobs for Jeremy next summer.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Cara gave a credit card update - may look into working with Great Western Bank.  The Weismantel family gave the city a % of the ball park concessions by money order.  This will be deposited in the ball park fund.   Bank balances were presented. Trevor Meints made a motion to accept as presented.  Ellen Harr seconded the motion.  All were in favor – motion carried. 

July 31, 2018 balances: SF - $142,991.25; GF - 155,764.95; FIT - $13,566.37

Tyler Kampa made a motion to adjourn.  Ellen Harr seconded the motion.  All were in favor – meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting       September 4, 2018 7pm

Submitted by Cara Dennert, Finance Officer

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