Frederick Town

Aug. 2018

Meeting Minutes

Town of Frederick

August Minutes

Frederick’s Town Board meeting was postponed to Wednesday evening and was held in the Frederick Community Center. Those attending included Board Chairman R. Scott Campbell, Gary Schlosser and Troy Millard Board Members, Diane Bruns Finance Officer, Father Don Glover and Teresia Cox Emma Burnham Library Board Members, and later Assistant Finance Officer Mariah Heine and Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg. Chairman Campbell began the meeting at 7 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The July Minutes were read and approved with corrections. Motion was made by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

The Financial Report was read and approved after discussion of the Revenue and Expenditure Budget Report. Motion was made by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

Approval of Accounts Payable was made with a motion by GS/TM. Motion Carried.


OLD BUSINESS: Community Store CC FO Wtr $40.65; D. Bruns wage+mtg+mileage FO $1267.81; D. Bruns wage CC $129.74; D. Bruns OT wage FO $594.52; Dept of Rev Lab Wtr $15; E. Head wage LF $295.52; Farmers Union Oil Co Mun Bldg, EBL $485.10; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; G. Schlosser wage Gen’l $23.09; GDI legals Gen’l $311.46; I. Morlock wage Gen’l $73.88; JVT phones, Internets, Services Gen’l FO EBL Wtr $303.85; M. Cox wage EBL $583.67; M. Heine wage Fin Office $784.97; MDU elect Swr Sts SP Wtr Mun Bldg BP EBL $1169.18; R. Bakeberg wage Sts Wtr Swr $349.99; R. Bakeberg Veh Allow Sts Swr Wtr $75; R.S. Campbell wage Gen’l $46.17; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $86.24; T. Millard wage Gen’l $23.09; USDA-RD AP Loan Wtr Rpr $475; USPS stamps Wtr Garb Swr $150; USPS Box Rent Gen’l $116; V. Lundeen Co pet books Gen’l $34.47; WEB Water 638,000 Wtr $2624.79. Total A/P $11,259.19.


Utility Report from Manager Bakeberg said the Lagoon is mowed but he will spray again. He has transferred water from cell to cell and has been checking and repairing around manhole covers with some still to check. He has also been repairing potholes around town.

Krysti Mikkonen of Frederick Forward was given permission to purchase paint for the old playground equipment in Simmons Park. The bathrooms will also be painted inside and outside, and touch-up painting to the Archway. The work will be done by a past Alumni graduate of FHS. Motion to approve the Town of Frederick assuming the cost of the paint was made by GS/SC. Motion Carried.

Father D. Glover showed pictures of the apartment roof on the back of the Emma Burnham Library, to acquire funds for future replacement to be included in next years’ budget. He estimated the cost around $7000.

Nothing from Frederick Development Corporation.


Nothing on speed signs; Bid Booklet has been printed and also emailed to Board Members; the NECOG packet for funding of Wastewater Project was completed and delivered to Ted Dickey, Project Coordinator; CC lighting is on hold.


The Watermain Replacement Estimate from Helms and Associates was approved in July. ‘The Letter of Agreement’ was signed by Chairman Campbell at the meeting.

Appropriation Budget will be worked on by Assistant FO Heine and Chairman Campbell this month.

Contingency Transfers were voided.

Request for use of picnic tables and benches from Simmons Park was transferred to the Frederick Men’s Community Club that purchased them. The board will agree with their decision.

Word was received the day of meeting our Application for a grant and a loan from USDA-RD had been approved if the Board desires to go forward. A CDBG grant would still need to be obtained.


Noted was SDML Annual Meeting on Wednesday October 3; SDML Worker’s Compensation Board of Trustees Election in Pierre on Oct. 3; and the SDPAA Election Notice.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:27 PM with a motion by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

The next regularly scheduled meeting in September will be held in the Frederick Community Center.  SDCL 1-25-1

Diane Bruns

Frederick Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $44.67.16356