Claremont Town

July 10

Meeting Minutes

The Board of Trustees for the Town of Claremont met on 7-10-18 at 8:00 p.m. in City Hall.

President Johnson called the meeting to order with trustees Spencer and Rasmussen present. Others present were Mike Nehls, Andrew Murray and Carla Pahl. The minutes of the June meeting were read and on a motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Spencer were approved.

On a motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Spencer the following warrants were allowed:


NWE, lights, 353.62; Br. Co. Treasurer, mosquitoes, 806.40; Hanse Service, E10/Mower, 35.66; Groton Daily, publishing, 12.35; Dept. of Transporation, park lease/5yr., 200.00; Missi Smith, 13.5 hrs. mowing, 124.67; James Valley, phone and internet, 86.29; Employers Quarterly, quarterly report, 8.24; Charla Rye, wage, 350.00; Shane Johnson, blade, etc, grader, 48.24.


NWE, water and sewer, 423.69; DENR, drinking water fee, 60.00; Dept. of Revenue, water sample, 195.00; BDM, water used, 1113.90; Metron-Farnier, LLC, water meters, 12,783.92; CDJ, rain bird valves, 179.08.

Mike Nehls came to introduce himeself to the board as he is running for Brown County Commissioner this fall.

Andrew Murray was present to update the board on his cafe, leased railroad land and water meter for the old church residence.

Calra Pahl was present concerned about water meter billings. The city is putting in new water meters and new reading system.

With no further business before the board a motion to adjourn was made by Spencer and seconded by Rasmussen. Motion carried.

CRye, F.O.

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