Columbia City

July 10, 2018

Meeting Minutes

City of Columbia Council Meeting

July 10, 2018    7pm


ROLL CALL –Ellen Harr, Corey Mitchell, Cara Dennert , Tyler Kampa, Cole Kampa, Trevor Meints 

Corey Mitchell called the meeting to order.  Minutes were passed out from the June meeting.    Ellen Harr made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Cole Kampa seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.


Warrant Vouchers: JVT – 142.13; Web Water – 68.48; Artz Equip. – 213.18; Northwestern Energy – 499.98; Wolf Construction – 30,757.02; Petty Cash – 150.00; Roto Rooter Sewer Service – 227.50; Jeremy Dosch – 447.98; Cara Dennert – 823.50; Kelsie Ehresmann – 419.99; Corey Mitchell -98.82; Cole Kampa – 49.41; Tyler Kampa – 49.41; Ellen Kuschel-Harr – 107.06; Trevor Meints – 49.41; HF Jacobs & Sons – 1,311.23; AgTegra – 131.95; Web – 28.88; US Treasury – 1,464.62; SD Unemployment Insurance Division – 9.06; 

GDI – 34.15; Double Duty – 125.00; Northwestern Energy – 516.03; Palmer’s Plumbing – 582.50; 

Runnings – 112.54; Dakota Electronics – 20.00; Brown County Treasurer – 759.83 (Br. Co. Weed & Pest); Cara Dennert – 322.56 (mileage)

Trevor Meints made a motion to accept the vouchers as presented.  Cole Kampa seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.



Nuisances – Jay’s trailer has been taken care of – they were wondering what they should do to cap the sewer line.  Trevor will be talking to a few people about the old cars on their lots.  Demaray’s will be contacted about the leafy spurge that is growing on their lots.

Streets – the dumpster road needs grading.  Cole is going to look into a new service provider to do the work.

Parks – still looking into getting a camera system installed for security.  Tyler has received quotes on installing new security window for ball park concession & 2 doors for the bathrooms.  He made a motion to go forward with the installation with half being paid out of the ball park fund and half being paid out of the general fund.  Ellen seconded the motion.  All were in favor – motion carried.

Lagoon/sewer – the lagoon was sprayed.   It will need a discharge this fall.

Sewer accounts – nothing new

Rubble Site –still looking into adding security cameras.  A new padlock was installed on the gates.

New Shop – not quite finished yet – we will be holding final payment until Jeremy has had a chance to walk through with them to check finalization.  Tyler sprayed the weeds on the lot.  We need to get grass planted and need to move in with files.  Cara will be talking to Roger Schnabel in regards to how far back we need to save records.  The floor drain covers should be installed soon.  Cara and Ellen will go in shopping to pick out some tables/chairs.


Corey applied for and was awarded a city grant for mosquito control - $4000.  A letter will be going out regarding parking along County 16 and blocking line of sight for traffic.

FINANCIAL REPORT – was presented.  Trevor Meints made a motion to accept as presented.  Ellen Harr seconded the motion.  All were in favor – motion carried. Cara is still looking into our options for a city credit card.  

June 30, 2018 balances: SF - $141,737.00 ; GF - $151,410.77; FIT - $13,566.37

Tyler Kampa made a motion to adjourn.  Trevor Meints seconded the motion.  All were in favor – meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting       August 7, 2018 7pm

Submitted by Cara Dennert, Finance Officer

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