Groton School

July 9, 2018

Meeting Minutes




July 9, 2018

President Smith called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. in the High School Conference Room.  Members present: Fjelstad, Gengerke, Harder, Pharis, Rix, Smith and Weismantel.  Others present were Supt. J. Schwan, Principal B. Schwan and Sombke and Business Manager Weber.

Moved by Harder, second Weismantel to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried.

Pursuant to SDCL 23-3, there was no potential conflict disclosure reported. 

Moved by Rix, second Fjelstad to approve the District minutes of June 11 and 25 and North Central Special Education Coop agenda items.  Motion carried.

Members of the public were allowed five minutes to address the board on any topic of their choice.  With no public members present to speak, the board proceeded with their remaining agenda items.

Moved by Weismantel, second Pharis to approve June financials, agency accounts and investments, school lunch report and transportation report.  Motion carried.

There were no committee reports given.

The following items were discussed in administrative reports: state Superintendent Conference, hot water boiler status, ASBSD convention, fall athletics, and elementary playground update. 

With no further old or continuing business remaining it was moved by Rix, second Gengerke to adjourn the final 2017-18 school board meeting at 7:42 pm.  Motion carried.

At 7:43 pm, Weber convened the first meeting of school year 2018-19 and read the Oath of Office to install Kara Pharis and Martin D. Weismantel for three-year terms as school board members.

Weber took nominations for 2018-19 School Board President.  Moved by Weismantel, second Rix to nominate Smith, cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot.  Motion carried.

President Smith opened the floor for vice-president nominations.  Moved by Rix, second Fjelstad to nominate Weismantel, cease nominations and cast a unanimous ballot.  Motion carried.

Smith appointed committee assignments for next year as follows: Building, Grounds and Transportation – Fjelstad and Harder, Personnel, Policy & Curriculum – Gengerke and Pharis, and Negotiations – Rix, Smith and Weismantel.

Moved by Weismantel, second Pharis to approve the agenda with the following changes: under New Business Item #3 – approve agenda, under New Business Item #9a – approve volunteer coaches and New Business Item #9b – approve open enrollment application.  Motion carried.

President Smith read a potential conflict disclosure statement from Superintendent Joe Schwan pursuant to SDCL 23-3.  Mr. Schwan’s wife serves as the Opportunity Room Counselor for the school district.  Moved by Gengerke, second Weismantel to authorize the waiver as the terms of the contract are fair, reasonable and not contrary to the public interest.  Motion carried.

President Smith read a potential conflict disclosure statement from Business Manager Mike Weber pursuant to SDCL 23-3.  Mr. Weber also serves as the Business Manager for the North Central Special Ed Coop and he and his wife are occasionally employed to work school ballgame and music events.  Moved by Rix, second Fjelstad to authorize the waiver as the terms of the contract are fair, reasonable and not contrary to the public interest.  Motion carried.

Moved by Harder, second Rix to approve the following consent agenda items: July 2018 District bills; Rodney Freeman, Jr. and his associates of Huron as official school attorney; designate Groton Independent as official newspaper; designate Weber as custodian of all district accounts; authorize Weber to continue existing funds, establish new accounts and continue to invest and reinvest in local institutions which serve the greatest advantage to the District; authorize Weber to publish staff salaries; designate First State Bank – Groton as official bank depository; adopt Groton Area School District Policy Manual with such revisions as previously approved; adopt Special Education Comprehensive Plan; authorize office personnel to administer Agency and Federal Lunch Funds with oversight by Weber; authorize J. Schwan to administer or direct federal programs with Consolidated Applications for Title Programs and related ESSA compliance issues assigned to the building principals; appoint J. Schwan to act as Asbestos Compliance Officer; authorize J. Schwan or his designee to close school in emergency situations or inclement weather; authorize J. Schwan or designee to institute NSLP and School Breakfast Agreement; Adopt Food Safety Plan, HACCP-Based Standard Operating Procedures; authorize J. Schwan or designee to institute ASBSD school bus mutual assistance pact; authorize Weber to transfer petty cash and incidental payment funds in accordance with SDCL 13-18-16 & 17; approve transportation request from Webster Area School District for 2018-19; approve transportation request from Langford Area School District for 2018-19; approve price quotes from Bimbo Bakery for 2018-19 bakery products; approve price quotes from Dean Foords for 2018-19 dairy products; and approve peripheral sports and other volunteer school workers such as chain gang, line judges, Booster Club/PAC workers, assistant coaches, volunteer coaches, volunteer drivers, school board members etc., to be included in the school’s worker’s compensation insurance coverage.  Motion carried 6-0 with Weismantel abstaining.

GENERAL FUND:  Net Salary – 436,610.01; FIT – 42,421.34; Medicare – 16,471.74; FICA – 70,431.40; American Funds Service Co. – 941.70; Washington National – 98.40; SD Retirement – 72,622.24; Waddell & Reed – 3,400.00; Horace Mann – 2,148.13; Thrivent – 686.70;  AFLAC – 7,062.41; Delta Dental – 11,279.80; SD Supplemental Retirement – 2,273.99; Groton School Lunch – 323.22;  Wellmark – 146,304.00; Reliastar – 1,458.68; Avesis Vision – 282.24;  A&B Business –  supplies, 13.79; Allied Climate Professionals – repairs, 2,822.94; Todd Anderson – refund, 8.00; Arbor Scientific – supplies, 138.18; ASBSD – Work Comp, 20,097.98; BE Publishing – books, 568.81; Blick Art Materials – supplies, 577.41; Cole Papers – utility pads, 113.25; Council on College Admission in SD – workshop, 60.00; Dakota Brush – supplies, 49.00; Dakota Supply – lights, 185.04; Dependable Sanitation – service, 1,238.00; EMC Insurance – property & liability, 77,313.00; Follett School Solutions – tech support, 1,455.00; Lynette Grieve – meals, 23.57; Groton Chiropractic – physicals, 285.00; GDI – legals, 8.95; Groton Ford – repairs, 220.33; 

Justin Hanson – basketballs, 560.68; Hillyards – supplies, 6,629.58; Matheson Tri-Gas – supplies, 133.42; Mid-American Research – carpet cleaner, 177.35; Midstates – plaque engraving, 30.00; NASCO – supplies, 368.06; Northside Implement – parts, labor, 2,074.08; Northwestern Energy – utilities, 11.37; Kristi Peterson – meals, 19.83; Prevention Research – workbooks, 75.00; Quality Welding – supplies, 175.20; Riddell – reconditioning, 2,298.67; rSchooltoday – scheduler, 1,509.82; SASD – dues, 1,643.92; SDACTE – conference, 549.00; SDSTE – membership, 30.00; Stamp Fulfillment – envelopes, 3,609.40; Supreme School Supply – supplies, 261.18; Teacher’s Discovery – subscription,102.85; TIE – dues, 1,515.00; Postmaster – box rental, 208.00; West Interactive Services – school messenger, 1,334.55.  Total General Fund – $507,239.91.

CAPITAL OUTLAY:  Choice Financial – tablet lease, 19,266.38; Gopher – supplies, 1,885.98; Goverlan – support fee, 200.00; High Plains Tech – software, 489.00; Hillyard – scrubber, 15,248.65; Lampo – books, 1,237.01; NASCO – supplies, 332.82; Quality Welding – labor, 24.20; Resilite Sports – wrestling mat portion, 5,000.00; Riverside Technologies – computer equipment, 5,799.00; SHI – software, 4,085.73; SUI – software, 3,700.00.  Total Capital Outlay – $57,268.77.

SPECIAL ED: Net Salary – 75,595.72; FIT – 7,198.52;  Medicare – 2,867.48; FICA – 12,261.04;  SD Retirement – 13,516.20; Waddell & Reed – 750.00; AFLAC – 2,192.73; Delta Dental –  2,949.30; SD Supplemental Retirement – 150.00; Wellmark – 34,295.00; Reliastar –  701.05; Avesis Vision – 130.64; ASBSD – Work Comp, 4,196.98; Dollar General – grant supplies, 81.10; Rebecca Erickson – grant work, site rent, 1,540.00; Sydney Wilkinson – grant work – 1,440.00; Judy or Gene Williamson – mileage, 282.24.  Total Special Ed – $84,452.28.

CAPITAL PROJECTS FUND:   City of Groton – rubble fee, 100.00; House of Glass – lock systems, 696.91; J&N Seeding – site work, 13,726.62.  Total Capital Projects Fund – $14,523.53.

ENTERPRISE: Food Service Net Salary – 7,350.14; FIT – 343.89; Medicare – 255.52; FICA – 1,092.48; SD Retirement – 885.04; AFLAC – 288.73; Wellmark – 3,052.00; Reliastar – 2.60; Avesis Vision – 55.96; ASBSD – work comp, 1,728.17; Groton Area – lunch transfer, 30.00; Nardini Fire – service, 531.18.  Total Food Service – $5,244.78.  OST Net Salary – 7,034.15; FIT – 562.93; Medicare – 253.08; FICA – 1,082.18; SD Retirement – 835.88; AFLAC – 491.79; Wellmark – 2,013.00; Reliastar – 46.32;  ASBSD – work comp, 246.88; Dollar General – supplies, 59.43.  Total OST – $5,591.49.  Total Enterprise Funds – $10,836.27. 

AGENCY FUND: Total – $22,884.72.

RECEIPTS: Local Sources, Taxes – 307,183.95; Other Local Sources – 68,880.12; County Sources – 3,738.53; State Sources – 2,888.18; Federal Sources – 49,635.20; Other Sources – 175,000.00.  Total Receipts – $ 607,325.98. 

Weber presented the 2018-19 District Budget.  The board acknowledged review.  No action was taken.

Weismantel/Harder to nominate Rix to serve as voting member and chairman of the North Central Special Education Governing Board for the 2018-19 school year.

Moved by Weismantel, second Pharis to set time and date for regular school board meetings on the second Monday of each month and additionally on the fourth Monday for the months of September, March, April and June only, to be held in GHS Conference Room at 7:00 pm, expect for a 5:00 pm start on February 11, 2019, a 6:00 pm start on September 24, 2018 and an 8:00 pm start on April 23, 2019, with consideration to reschedule other meeting dates, times and places when deemed necessary or appropriate.  Motion carried.

Moved by Gengerke, second Weismantel to set board member salaries at $50 per meeting and board president salary at $75 per meeting, with mileage if applicable.  Motion carried.

Moved by Rix, second Pharis to set pay rate of substitute teachers at $100/day.  Motion carried.

Moved by Pharis, second Fjelstad to set rate for substitute bus drivers at $65/day.  Motion carried.

Moved by Weismantel, second Rix to approve admission & lunch prices for 2018-19: Admission – Adults $5, $6 for doubleheader, $45 for 10-punch ticket, $75 for all-season pass, Grades 1 through 12, $4; Activity Tickets – Grades 6 through 12, $30, Grades 1 through 5, $25; Breakfast – Adults, $3.25, Grades 6 through 12, $3.00, Grades JrK through 5, $2.50; Lunch – Adults, $4.50, Grades 6 through 12, $3.75, Grades JrK through 5 $3.25 and 2nds on meals $0.75.  Motion carried.

Moved by Gengerke, second Pharis to leave OST rates unchanged at $2.50/hour, $25/week and $100/month.  Motion carried.

A change order to the elementary addition/remodel project was reviewed: CCO#002 with Grazzini Brothers – provide additional floor leveling/grinding in boys/girls bathrooms and patch ceramic tile floors in various locations for an increase of $3,651.00.  Moved by Weismantel, second Fjelstad to approve.  Motion carried.

Moved by Fjelstad, second Rix to hire Joann Donley as 2018-19 Yearbook Advisor.  Motion carried.  

Moved by Gengerke, second Weismantel to approve volunteer coaches, Sara Schuster for volleyball and Seth Erickson and Dalton Locke for football.  Motion carried.

Moved by Weismantel, second Gengerke to approve open enrollment #19-13 for a student in grade 11 and #19-14 for a student in grade 12 both from the Aberdeen School District.  Motion carried.

Moved by Fjelstad, second Harder to adjourn at 9:20 pm.  Motion carried.

M. J. Weber, Business Manager

Steven R. Smith, President             

The addition of signatures to this page verifies these minutes as official.

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