Frederick Town

July 2018

Meeting Minutes

Town of Frederick

July 2018 Minutes

Frederick’s Town Board ‘Open Meeting’ for July began at 7 PM with Chairman R. Scott Campbell leading in the Pledge of Allegiance. Attending the Open Meeting were Board Members Gary Schlosser and Troy Millard, Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg, Ted Dickey, Program Coordinator from NorthEast Council of Governments, Brandon Smid, Engineer at Helms and Associates, Mike Nehls of rural Groton, Candidate for Brown County Commissioner, President of the Emma Burnham Library Teresa Cox, and Finance Officer Diane Bruns. Assistant Finance Officer Mariah Heine was absent.

The Minutes from the June meeting were read and approved with a correction. Minutes said Cell #3 at the Lagoon was being drained. Strike the word “drained. The corrected sentence reads, “He mentioned having mowed the Lagoon, saying Cell #1 is down and he will be moving water from Cell #2 to Cell #3 this week.” Motion was made to approve the Minutes, as corrected, by TM/GS. Motion Carried.  

The Financial Report for June was reviewed and approved with a motion by TM/SC. Motion Carried.

Approval of the Accounts Payable was made after agreeing to withhold one payment for verification. Motion was made by SC/TM. Motion Carried.


A-1 Sanitation Day of Champions Gen’l $227.74; Aberdeen Security PC componet FO $49.00; Badger Meter meters Wtr $231.40; City of Elllendale Curb Stops Wtr $145; Community Store Sup Mun Bldg, FO, Park $51.92; D. Bruns wage CC $124.13; D. Bruns May/June Exp Gen’l, FO, Mun Bldg $85.87; D. Bruns wage FO $1179.90; DENR Drinking Wtr Fees Wtr $100; Dependable Sanitation 2nd Qrtr Garb pick-up Garb $3969; E. Head wage LF $295.52; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; FU Oil Co gas Mun Bldg $902.01; G. Schlosser wage Gen’l $23.09; GDI News Minutes Gen’l $44.14; I. Morlock mowing Gen’l $122.36; JM Electric, Inc. fuses Wtr $15.51; JVT phones, Int, services Gen’l, FO, EBL, Wtr $297.54; M. Cox wage EBL $482.92; M. Heine wage FO $784.97;MDU elect Mun Bldg, EBL, BP, SP, Wtr, Swr $1121.53; R. Bakeberg wage Cem $200.87; R. Bakeberg wage Sts, Wtr, Swr $457.04; R. Bakeberg Veh Allow Sts, Wtr, Swr $75; R. S. Campbell wage Gen’l $46.17; SD Dept of Health Lab Wtr $15; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $86.24; T. Millard wage Gen’l $23.09; True Value supplies S. Park $26.99; US Treasury 2nd Qrtr 941 Fed Tax Gen’l, FO, EBL, Sts, Wtr, Swr, LF $2365.66; USDA-RD AP Water Repair Loan Wtr Repair $475; USPS stamps Wtr, Garb, Swr $100; WEB Water 686,100 gals Wtr $2753.04.


Utility Report - Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg reported there are a few more holes to fill, some mowing left at the Lagoon, a few manholes left to check and he may have to flush again. He mentioned some of the lights changed out at Simmons Park Archway are not coming on. Millard said he will check on them. Bakeberg said he will pick up branches in the park again also.

Water Stats for June’s usage and billing was presented along with the Contract amounts from WEB Water. Past Due Accounts were also noted and will be disconnected.

Frederick Forward – A bill received by the city from Sewer Duck from Finn Fest was forwarded on to FF. It was mistakenly sent to the city.

Historical Society – no representation

Emma Burnham Library – President T. Cox asked about replacing the back half of the library building roof. The actual Library was tarred in 2016 but not the apartment half in the back. The request will be put into the city’s 2019 Budget. She will talk to another board member from the library and get 3 estimates for an idea of the price. President Cox also mentioned they would like to do a Movie Night at the Library and more Rock Painting classes.

Frederick Development Corporation – No requests


Nothing on the Flashing Speed Signs, speed bumps don’t work; Brandon Smid of Helms and Associates was granted permission, done with a motion, to go ahead and get Spec Sheets drawn up for 2 blocks of Water line replacement and present them to local Contractors. Motion was made by TM/GM. Motion Carried. Some of the specs were withdrawn from the previous bid sheet to lower the project cost, i.e. repaving streets and replacing sidewalks being two. It was agreed the spec sheets and proposals would not exceed a cost of $2000 by Helms and Associates; The Annual Report has been sent to GDI News for publication; the EBL roof was discussed during library business; nuisance letters sent to residents have gotten responses; no reduction for broken pipe; 2nd street resident will receive some fill in front of home but will also be one of the 1st streets done for Water Project.


Mike Nehls, Candidate for Brown County Commissioner from rural Groton, SD, addressed the meeting by explaining his stand on issues. As a former Chief of Police in SD and an Emergency Management Coordinator, he lobbied to keep our 911 Centers open in SD. Aberdeen is one he worked on to stay open, and it has, but was disappointed Webster and Britton both lost their 911 Centers.

OPEN MEETING NOTICE was requested to be published by Ted Dickey, Program Coordinator of North East Council of Government, to let the public be aware that the Application for the Sanitary Sewer Project Funding has begun and what it may mean to the community. Until we know the City’s eligibility for a Grant, we will not be sure of the amount needed for a loan. He presented a report showing the current sewer charges and yearly revenue, the funding source showing breakdown for loan and amounts needed, and the increases needed to be in compliance with State statues. All prices are subject to change. Project Engineer Brandon Smid mentioned that Helms & Associates would televise the line first to find out the condition and some may only need to be lined. A motion was made to apply for funding as currently written, including a motion to pass Resolution to agree to applying for financial assistance with the US Department of Agriculture-Rural Development, to finance Frederick’s Sanitation Sewer Project. Motion made by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

Second Quarter Emma Burnham Library Report was reviewed and accepted with a motion by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

Preliminary Appropriations Budget will be presented in August.

A request of $500 from Area Four Senior Citizens Planning Council, Inc. requesting a donation for the Senior Nutrition Program in Frederick was denied, it is not in the Budget. It will be considered for the 2019 Budget. 

A request for gravel on the corner of sidewalk and PO driveway is not the city’s responsibility.

The Landfill is going to be Closed and open by appointment only. It has been burned and cleaned and needs to be kept that way according to the USDA regulations. A key will be available from Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg or Chairman Scott Campbell at 1st National Bank.


Correspondence included DOT Transportation Improvement Program meetings; DENR Drinking Water Fee letter; SD State Library Reading Program; New Midco Contract; Spirit of Dakota Award Nominee; SDML Warning of Wireless Providers from Executive Director Yvonne Taylor. No action taken.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 with a motion made by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

The next Town Board Meeting is scheduled for August 6, 2018, at 7 PM in the Community Center. Office phone number is 605-329-2242.

Diane Bruns, Finance Officer 

Published at the approximate cost of $77.28. 16239