06-20-2018 Coop

Frederick School

June 20, 2018

Coop Minutes



JUNE 20, 2018

The joint meeting of the Leola/Frederick school boards was called to order on June 20, 2018 at 9:07am by Chairman Rich Schlosser.  Members present were Dan Nickelson, Jon Ellwein, Alex Hart and Eric Sumption.  Also present were Superintendent/9-12 Principal/Athletic Director Jeff Kosters; Leola School District school board members ReEtta Sieh, Trevor Zantow and Arnie Wollman; and Leola School District Athletic Director Bev Myer.

The meeting began with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Chairman Schlosser welcomed visitor Rich Achen.

Action 17-139 Motion by Nickelson, second by Ellwein to approve the agenda as presented.  All aye, carried.

Handbooks were reviewed and updates made.  Final versions of each handbook will be adopted during July board meetings at each school.

Action 17-140 Motion by Nickelson, second by Hart to approve the Leola/Frederick Titans Coaching Salary Schedule as amended.  All aye, carried.

Current coaching vacancies include Assistant Girls Basketball, Assistant Volleyball and Junior High Boys Basketball.  Advertising and selection process is underway.

Action 17-141 Motion by Nickelson, second by Ellwein to offer the following coaching contracts for 2018-2019:  Brock Pashen, Head Boys Basketball; Trevor Van Tilberg, Assistant Boys Basketball; Jeff Kosters, Head Girls Basketball; Sarah Sumption, Junior High Girls Basketball; Holly Mueller, Head Volleyball; and Bev Myer, Junior High Volleyball.  All aye, carried.

Discussion was held regarding the upcoming option of six man football.  Surveys will be sent to families to gather feedback.  The deadline will be the first week in January to have decision made.  Leola will charge $150 rent for the use of the football field painter on an as-needed basis.

Action 17-142 Motion by Nickelson, second by Hart to adjourn at 10:15am.  All aye, carried.

Richard Schlosser, Chairman

Janel Wagner, Business Manager                 

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