Claremont Town

June 12

Meeting Minutes

The Board of trustees for the town of Claremont met on June 12, 2018 at 8:00p.m. in city hall. President Johnson called the meeting to order with trustees Spencer and Rasmussen present. The minutes of the May meeting were read on a motion by Spencer and seconded by Rasmussen approved. On a motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Spencer the following were allowed. General: James valley, phone and internet, 85.89; Missi smith, mowing, 147.76; Charla Rye, printer ink and post it tabs, 71.63; Hanse service, filter, gas, 11 foot horse and hose ends, 218.74; First State Bank, mower, 1635.26; NWE,lights, 318.71; Shane Johnson, 9 meetings, 623.71; Jason Spencer, 9 meetings, 623.71; Frank Rasmussen, 9 meetings, 623.71; Charla Rye, wage, 350.00; Groton Independent , publishing, 14.19; WSSW: BDM, water used, 802.40; Dept. of Revenue, water sample, 15.00; NWE, water and sewer, 368.59; Rural Development, loan payment , 576.00; Melinda Spencer, meter reading, 184.70; The new reading system has arrived and will be completed shortly. People without meters, broken meters will be contacted before the meters will be installed. With no further business before the board a motion was made by Spencer and seconded by Rasmussen to adjourn. Motion carried.

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