Frederick School

June 11

Meeting Minutes



JUNE 11, 2018

The meeting was called to order on June 11, 2018 at 7:00pm by Chairman Rich Schlosser.  Members present were Dan Nickelson, Jon Ellwein, Alex Hart and Eric Sumption.  Others present were Superintendent/9-12 Principal/Athletic Director Jeff Kosters, K-8 Principal Jessica Ringgenberg and Business Manager Janel Wagner.

The meeting began with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Chairman Schlosser welcomed visitor Richard Achen.

Action 17-128 Motion by Ellwein, second by Hart to approve the agenda as presented.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-129 Motion by Hart, second by Sumption to approve consent agenda which included the following items as presented:  minutes of meeting held May 14, 2018; financial statements and payment of bills.  All aye, carried.

Claims approved:  May Payroll – General Fund salaries 87,055.96; Special Education salaries 11,087.93; Food Service salaries 3,188.70; EFTPS, federal income tax/Social Security/Medicare 27,010.59; AFLAC, supplemental insurance 450.76; American Funds, retirement 1,305.50; AMI, garnishment 733.04; Delta Dental, insurance 1,582.68; Reliastar Life, insurance 159.04; SD Retirement 14,120.15; SD Retirement Supplemental, 520.50; Security Benefits, retirement 472.50; VSP, vision insurance 247.64, Wellmark, health insurance 15,639.00.

General Fund:  ABERDEEN PLUMBING & HEATING , repairs 271.67; BLUMHARDT CHEVROLET PONTIAC, repairs 179.90; CHURCHILL, MANOLIS, FREEMAN, KLUDT, legal 552.86; COLE PAPERS INC, supplies 857.81; COMMUNITY STORE, supplies 77.29; CRAWFORD TRUCKS & EQUIPMENT, repairs 523.80; DOUBLE D BODY SHOP, repairs 62.00; FARNAM'S GENUINE PARTS, repairs 19.30; FOREMAN SALES AND SERVICE, repairs 380.61; GCR TIRES & SERVICE, repairs 13.20; GDI News, publishing 157.14; GRAVES IT SOLUTION, online database backup 300.00; GREAT PLAINS LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL, region golf meet 25.81; HAUFF MID-AMERICA SPORTS, awards 160.40; HOLIDAY INN RUSHMORE PLAZA, state track travel 754.00; JM ELECTRIC, repairs 61.69; MAC'S INC, repairs 41.65; MARC, supplies 2,722.88; MENARDS, repairs/supplies 807.96; MIDSTATES GROUP, awards 45.00; MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES, electric 3,033.92; O'REILLY AUTO PARTS repairs 345.78; PANTORIUM CLEANERS, supplies 83.80; PODOLL, LANCE mileage 328.44; PRECISION FLOORS & INTERIORS, tile installation 2,580.00; SHERWIN-WILLIAMS, supplies 212.50; TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION IN ED, conference registration 420.00; TOWN OF FREDERICK, utilities 174.72; UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, PO Box fees 116.00; AMAZON, supplies 128.81; DRAKE'S PLACE, gasoline 31.98; HOBBY LOBBY, supplies 39.95; NATIONAL HS ATHLETIC COACHES ASSN, conference registration 130.96; SAMS CLUB, gasoline 25.50; STEVEN LUST AUTOMOTIVE, car wash 7.00; UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, postage 7.60; WALMART, supplies 31.40; ABERDEEN SCHOOL DISTRICT #6-1, A-Tec tuition 1,219.20; BREWER, LINDSEY, teacher workshop 495.00; JAMES VALLEY TELECOMMUNICATIONS, telephone 246.24; MERCHANT SERVICES, lunch payment service fees 35.91; TRUST AND AGENCY FUND, Imprest reimbursement 1,332.07.  Capital Outlay Fund:  A & B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, contract 636.08; DIGI SECURITY SYSTEMS, security system 46,607.42; FINISHING TOUCH DESIGN STUDIO, floor tiles 103.05; TITAN MACHINERY, mower 12,700.00.  Special Education Fund:  AVERA ST LUKES, occupational/physical therapy 1,904.00.  Food Service Fund:  COMMUNITY STORE, food 73.18; CWD, food 5.90.  Drivers Education Fund:  BLUMHARDT CHEVROLET PONTIAC, install brake 218.50.

The following reports were presented:

A. Jeff Kosters - Superintendent/9-12 Principal/Athletic Director

B. Jessica Ringgenberg – K-8 Principal

Action 17-130 Motion by Ellwein, second by Nickelson to schedule the Fiscal Year 2019 budget public hearing for Monday, July 9, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Frederick Area School District Library.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-131 Be it hereby resolved that the Board of Education of the Frederick Area School District does authorize the transfer of $9,000 from Contingency to Guidance in General Fund.  Ellwein-yes, Hart, yes.  Sumption-yes, Schlosser-yes, Nickelson-yes.  Carried.

Action 17-132 Motion by Sumption, second by Nickelson to approve the first reading of Restraint and Seclusion policy.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-133 Motion by Hart, second by Ellwein to approve the first reading of Records Retention and Destruction Schedule.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-134 Motion by Sumption, second by Ellwein to approve the second reading of Sentinel policy.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-135 Motion by Nickelson, second by Hart to accept the resignation of Justin Brotzel as Technology Director, effective June 30, 2018.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-136 Motion by Ellwein, second by Sumption to accept the following 2018-2019 certified contracts and employment agreements:  Jeff Kosters, Athletic Director $4,242; Brock Pashen, Yearbook Advisor $2,466.42; Elizabeth Labesky, Band Advisor $2,802.75 and Vocal Advisor $1,775.58; Lance Podoll, Bus Supervisor $7,344; Thersia Cox, Assistant Custodian $12.50/hr; Rick Downes, Summer Assistant Janitor $17.00/hr; Sheryl Downes, Summer Assistant Janitor $15.75/hr; Jim Dumire, Grounds Maintenance $12.50/hr; Ashley Gunther, Assistant Cook $12.00/hr; Zachary Kosters, Head Custodian $15.50/hr; Marty Morlock, Grounds Maintenance $12.50/hr; John Brotzel, Bus Driver $43.74/route; Mark Christianson, Bus Driver $43.74/route; Jim Dumire, Bus Driver $43.74/route; Lance Podoll, Bus Driver $45.43/route.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-137 Motion by Nickelson, second by Hart to submit the following vote to the SDHSAA: Yes for Craig Cassens-Division IV representative on 2018 Official Election Runoff Ballot.  All aye, carried.

Mrs. Wagner presented the preliminary budget information for Fiscal Year 2019.  

Discussion was held regarding guidelines for public comment at school board meetings.

Congratulations go out to the boys and girls track teams for an excellent season and for meeting requirements to be recognized with the SDHSAA Academic Achievement Team Awards.  Congratulations to state track meet participants Isaac Sumption, Alex Sumption and Cassandra Hinz.  Special recognition to Alex Sumption for first place finishes in High Jump and Long Jump, third place finish in the 200m dash and the Class B Outstanding Boys Athlete award.

Action 17-138 Motion by Nickelson, second by Sumption to adjourn at 8:28pm.  All aye, carried.

Richard Schlosser, Chairman

Janel Wagner, Business Manager     



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