06-07-2018 Canvass Meeting

Brown County

June 7

Canvass Election


Brown County Commissioners Nancy Hansen, Duane Sutton and Tom Fischbach; Aberdeen City Council Members Mike Levsen, Clint Rux, Jennifer Slaight-Hansen, Mark Remily, Rob Ronayne and Alan Johnson; Aberdeen School Board Members Duane R Alm, Linda Burdette, Andrew Miller, Brian Sharp and Finance Officer Tom Janish convened for purpose of canvassing the June 5, 2018 Combined Primary Election, as authorized by SDCL 12-20-36 at 4:00 p.m. on June 7, 2018 in the Commissioner’s Chambers, Courthouse Annex, Brown County, SD.  City Finance Officer Mary Campton and Deputy County Auditor Jeannette McClain were also present. 

The Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen School District approved the abstract of the votes cast within own minutes.

Moved by Sutton, seconded by Hansen to certify the following as a true abstract of the votes cast in the jurisdiction of Brown County/Aberdeen City/Aberdeen School District at the June 5, 2018 Combined Primary Election:  

REP For United States Representative

Neal Tapio 1,007

Shantel Krebs 1,446

Dustin “Dusty” Johnson 1,699

REP For Governor

Marty Jackley 1,940

Kristi Noem 2,288

REP For County Auditor

CathyMcNickle 1,835

Sara Swisher 1,699

REP For Sheriff

Mark Milbrandt 2,789

Dan Kaiser 1,447

DEM For State Senator District 01

Allison Renville 20

Susan M. Wismer 105

Thomas Bisek 18

DEM For State Representatives District 01 (elect two)

Robert Whitmyre 46

H. Paul Dennert 124

Steven D. McCleerey 55

For School Board Member Aberdeen Sch Dist 6-1 (elect two)

Bradley W. Olson 2,472

Mark E. Murphy 2,513

Dr. Linda K. Burdette 2,305

For City Council Member Aberdeen Ward NE

Rob Ronayne 702

Char Cornelius 458

For City Council Member Aberdeen Ward SW

Alan Johnson 394

Dan Richardt 294

Constitutional Amendment Y

Yes 4,428

No 1,188

All members present voting aye.  Motion carried

Moved by Hansen, seconded by Sutton to adjourn the Canvass Meeting for the June 5, 2018 Combined Primary Election.  All members present voting aye.  Motion carried.

Maxine Fischer, Brown County Auditor

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