Frederick Town

June 4, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Town of Frederick

June Minutes

The Frederick Town Board meeting began Monday night ay 7:00 PM in the Frederick Community Center with six people present; Chairman R. Scott Campbell, Board Members Gary Schlosser and Troy Millard, Finance Officer Diane Bruns, Assistant Finance Officer Mariah Heine, and Utility/Maintenance Manager Richard Bakeberg. Chairman Campbell led in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Minutes of the May meeting were reviewed and there was one correction and one change. Change ‘Riverside’ to Wayside Cemetery and omit the word ‘uncontested’ in New Business. A motion was made by TM/GS to approve May Minutes with corrections. Motion Carried.

The Financial Report for May was presented along with the Expenditure-Revenue Report, to date, for 2018. A motion was made by SC/TM to approve reports. Motion Carried.

The Accounts Payable was approved with the addition of WEB Water once the total is obtained. It is estimated to be around $2300. A motion was made by GS/TM to approve. Motion Carried.


Badger Meter fees Wtr $115.70; R. Bakeberg wage Sts/Wtr/Swr $379.48; R. Bakeberg Veh Allow Sts/Wtr/Swr $75; D. Bruns wage CC $114.74; D. Bruns wage FO $1179.90; R.S. Campbell wage Gen’l $46.17; Community Store supplies FO/CC $67.71; M. Cox wage EBL $573.51; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; Frederick Forward Finn Fest Sponsor Gen’l $600; GDI Legals Gen’l $87.80; Green Iron Equipment mower parts Gen’l $102.84; E. Head wage LandFill $295.52; M. Heine wage FO $784.97; JVT phones, services Gen’l/FO/EBL/Wtr $299.17; MDU electricity Sts/EBL/BP/SP/MunBldg/Wtr/Swr $1,323.20; Menard’s supplies Gen’l/Simmons Park $49.52;T. Millard wage Gen’l $23.09; I. Morlock wage Gen’l $156.99; Remittance Center (SD Dept Rev) Leg Audit Review FO $2090;  G. Schlosser wage Gen’l $23.09; SD Dept of Rev Lab Wtr $15; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $91.30; True Value Maintenance Gen’l $69.73; AP USDA-RD Wtr Repair Loan Wtr Rpr $475; USPS stamps Wtr/Garb/Swr $150; WEB Water 578,800 gals Wtr $2,465.49. Total A/P $12,854.92.


Rich Bakeberg gave his Utility Report. He mentioned having mowed the Lagoon, saying Cell #1 is down and he will be draining Cell #3 this week. He is filling holes in the streets and he sprayed Simmons Park. He will be spraying at the Lagoon. UT Manager Bakeberg will also be digging up waterline values that have not been able to be turned off when bills are Past Due, and others that need repair.

Frederick Forward will be sponsoring Finn Fest beginning at 5:30 PM, Friday, June 22, to Sunday June 24, 2018, in Frederick. Go to www.fredericksd.com for more details. 

No representation for the Historical Society, Emma Burnham Library or Frederick Development Corporation.


Nothing posted yet for a Flashing Speed Sign; No word from Helms on waterline or sewer projects, two Contractors contacted by Millard have not contacted Helms & Assoc. yet; the flush line by Bakeberg’s has not been installed; a fan motor for the ceiling-fan in the Community Center is an expensive investment and probably will not be replaced; replacing the lighting in the Community Center is on hold.


The Annual Report was approved with a motion by SC/TM. It will be published in the Groton Daily Independent.

A Certified Mail notice was sent out to 2 owners of unkept lots in town. They have 7 days, by law, to mow their properties before it is done by the city and charged to their Property taxes if not paid.

Chairman Campbell will contact Ellendale City about spraying the City and Simmons Park on either Wednesday or Thursdays for the month of June. 

It was noted another Certified Notice needs to be sent to property owners about the need to clean away debris and mow unsightly lot. They will also have a time limit to remove debris.


Noted was the 2018 Debit/Credit Workshop in Pierre on June 27, 2018; an Elected Officials Workshop in Pierre on July 18, 2018; SD Governmental Finance Officers’ School in Sioux Falls on June 6-8, 2018; Brown County Auditor’s Office will be using the Frederick Community Center as a Voting Poll Station on June 5, 2018, and again in November; Mentioned what a 4” foam wall sprayed over a brick wall may cost from Bahr Construction.


Before adjourning it was decided July’s meeting will be on the second Monday, July 9, 2018, at 7 PM, in the Frederick Community Center. 

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.    SDCL 1-25-1

Diane Bruns

Frederick Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $44.14. 15997