Groton City

June 4, 2018

Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2018

The Groton City Council met on the above date at 7:00pm at the Community Center for their first monthly meeting with the following members present: Peterson, McGannon, Babcock, Glover, Blackmun and Mayor Hanlon presiding.  Also present were: Attorney Drew Johnson, Assistant Finance Officer April Abeln, Kathy Sundermeyer, Paul Kosel, Mike Nehls, and Jerry Bjerke.

Mike Nehls spoke before the Council and asked for their vote for Brown County Commission in November 2018. 

At 7:09pm Nehls left the meeting.

The minutes were approved as read on a motion by Blackmun and seconded by Glover. All members present voted aye.  A timeline for the electrical project in the Park will be finalized.

At 7:11pm Shawn Lambertz entered the meeting.

At 7:12pm Dwight Zerr entered the meeting.

At 7:13pm Terry Herron entered the meeting.

Moved by Glover and seconded by McGannon to authorize the following bills for payment. All members present voted aye.

Payroll, $23,237.55, Employee salaries; Executive, $577.19; Administrative, $2,891.01; Public Safety, $8,036.74; Public Works, $10,425.41; Culture & Recreation, $1,307.20; First State Bank, $7,857.21, SS and WH ; First State Bank, $1,500.38, HSA contributions; Dakotaland FCU, $950.00, Employee savings; Aberdeen Hardball Assn , $300.00, U10 & U12 team tournament fees; BSN Sports Inc, $626.69, Bases, pitcher's rubber, plates; City of Groton, $1,350.00, Money bags for recreation; Sue Fjeldheim, $400.00, Umpire pay; Jarod Fliehs, $600.00, Umpire pay; Harves Sport Shop , $174.99, Rawlings adult catcher gear; Dalton Locke, $1,520.00, Umpire pay; Matt Locke, $240.00, Umpire pay; Eric Moody, $720.00, Umpire pay; Brad Penning, $440.00, Umpire pay; VFW Baseball, $6.00, VFW patches; Travis Kurth, $1,200.00, Umpire pay; Luverne Baseball Assn, $325.00, Legion tournament fees; Milbank Baseball Assn, $200.00, Legion tournament fees; Chuck Padfield, $488.07, Concession reimbursement; Michael Frederick, $20.00, Library books; Harry Implement, $333.14, Blade; Sanitation Products Inc, $7,230.94, Sweeper repairs; Jerry Bjerke, $31.96, Reimburse for supplies for AC repairs for the Tahoe; NW Energy, $11.69, Natural gas; Farmer's Union, $672.66, Gas for cemetery and ball field; Van Diest Supply Co, $813.90, Herbicide and fertilizer; Core & Main, $469.69, Water and sewer supplies; Locators & Supplies, $216.41, Safety glasses and paint; A1 Sanitation, $1,820.00, Garbage clean up; DGR Engineering, $5,200.00, 23.0088% complete with study; Auto Zone, $247.26, Wheel bearing hub assembly, oil, whipers, brakes; Kristi Bonn, $10.00, Tshirt overpayment refund; Stacy Mayou, $22.00, Lunch for 2 days of Family violence conference; Damian Bahr, $22.00, Lunch for 2 days of Family violence conference

McGannon informed the Council that Olive Grove Golf Course could be selling water from its well.  BDM would set up water tanks for refilling of sprayers and other constructions projects where water is needed.  McGannon is meeting with Rod Kappes, General Manager of BDM to discuss options.

Herron spoke about work that has been done at the Cemetery, Swimming Pool and Baseball fields.  The Public Works dept will be picking up a roller and will start patching streets this week.  The crack filling project is complete.  The Kerf Cutter machine will be used soon for valve box repairs.  The Street Chip Seal Project will begin the end of July 2018 and the Baseball parking lot will be chip sealed also.  Jim Gerdes will be mowing the Airport land this week.  Brett Anderson will mow the lot for $18/acre with a total of 22 acres, this option will be further discussed.

At 7:22pm Herron left the meeting.

Zerr mentioned he received a $19,000 quote for a Sewer line project.  The Sweeper repair bill was discussed.  Sweeping throughout the City is done except the Olson Development.  Flushing of the Sewer lines will take place soon.  Peterson thanked the Public Works Dept for their Cemetery work before Memorial Day services.  It was discussed repairs to the Cemetery fence be put in next year’s budget.

At 7:26pm Zerr left the meeting.

Lambertz stated the Electric Dept has received the DGR map.  Baseball lights were repaired at the Locke/Karst field.  Heartland meeting was informative and electric rates will remain the same.  The new pickup for the Electric dept has not yet been received.

At 7:28pm Lambertz left the meeting.

Officer Bjerke reported on new tires that were put on the new police vehicle.  Brakes have been repaired on the new vehicle also.  A few wild animal complaints have been received.  Bingo at the American Legion has been good for the City will no police issues.

At 7:33pm Bjerke left the meeting.

Moved by McGannon and seconded by Glover to send Finance Officer Hope Block to the SDML Debit/Credit workshop in Pierre on June 27th and the SDML Budget Training workshop in Sioux Falls on July 26th.  All members present voted aye.

The proposed picnic table shelter at the Swimming Pool was discussed.  The Public Works dept will be asked to remove the existing rock and fence before the project starts.  McGannon will speak with S&S Lumber to get specs.  It was suggested by Peterson that the 20’x 20’ picnic table shelter should have a shade cover with a large overhang.  Moved by McGannon and seconded by Glover to get bids from general contractors for the project.  All members present voted aye.

Attorney Johnson discussed a resolution revision to correct a legal description from the previous resolution for the southwest corner of the City.   Johnson has been in contact with Clark Engineering and the change will be filed with the Brown County Register of Deeds once approved and published.  Moved by Glover and seconded by Blackmun to pass the Resolution Revision No 99-45 to correct legal descriptions in former Resolution filed April 16, 1999.  All members present voted aye.

Public comments were welcomed pursuant to SDCL 1-25-1 but none were received.

Moved by Peterson and seconded by Glover to adjourn into executive session for personnel and legal items 1-25-2 (1) & (3) at 7:46 pm. All members present voted aye. Council reconvened into regular session at 8:25pm.

Moved by Babcock and seconded by Glover to adjourn the meeting at 8:25pm. All members present voted aye.

Scott Hanlon, Mayor

April Abeln, Assistant Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $33.64. 15995