Westport Town

June 4

Meeting Minutes

Town of Westport General Meeting

June 4th , 2018

The Town of Westport met on June 4th, 2018 with Tim Selzler, Shane Storm, Mike Wilson and Doreen Hertel present.

The following expenses were presented:

City General

NWPS ($321.31), Groton Independent ($76.16),  JGE ($104.90), Eddie’s Northside ($113.16), Runnings ($113.55), Fireworks ($500.00) Payroll – Kelly Storm ($285.35), Tim Selzler ($75.00), Shane Storm ($75.00), Michael Wilson ($75.00), & Doreen Hertel ($900.00).


NWPS ($48.48), NRWA –loan repayment ($210.13) & Payroll –Doreen Hertel ($300.00).


WEB ($1,140.29), Dept. of Revenue ($30.00), Water Maintenance District ($408.16), Payroll- Doreen Hertel ($300.00).

Shane Storm made motion to pay all bills; second by Tim Selzler.

The following deposits were presented:

City General

Brown County Collections ($4,281.09), State of SD ($4,004.23) & Interest ($27.65). 


Resident Payments- ($1,627.50) & Brown County Collections ($195.00).


Resident Payments – ($3,227.13) & Brown County Collections ($292.40).


The July meeting will be moved to July 9th.

The rental agreement for the town hall was changed to each day the town hall is requested there will be a $75.00 fee each day, effective July 1st 2018.

Doreen Hertel, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $15.76. 16007