Claremont Town

May 18, 2018

Meeting Minutes

The board of trustees for the Town of Claremont  met in regular session on 5-18-18 at 7p.m. in city hall. President Johnson called the meeting to order with trustees Spencer and Rasmussen present. Also present was Andrew Murray. On a motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Spencer the April minutes were approved as read. On a motion by Spencer and seconded by Rasmussen the following warrants allowed: General: NEVCO, ballpark scoreboard, 11002.20; Shane Johnson, mowing blades x2 sets, 149.73; Shane Johnson, grading roads, 160.00; James Valley, phone and internet, 86.26; Groton Daily Independent , publishing, 10.77; NWE., lights, 337.82;First State Bank, loan on mower, 817.63; Charla Rye, staples and envelopes, 7.03; Charla Rye, wage, 350.00; WSSW: BDM, water used, 798.90; Ecolab, pest elimination, 171.38; NWE. water and sewer, 545.60;Melinda Spencer, meter reading, 184.70; Rural Development, loan payment, 576.00; The board unanimously decided that the water meters are so outdated and many are no longer working. It was best to invest in a new system. These will be purchased and installed this summer. Northwestern has been notified that several street lights are not functioning. They will be out to repair them. Malt Beverage applications will be mailed to the Department of Revenue. With no further business before the board a motion was made by Spencer to adjourn and seconded by Rasmussen .Motion Carried.

CRye, F.O.

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