Frederick School

May 14, 2018

Meeting Minutes



MAY 14, 2018

The meeting was called to order on May 14, 2018 at 7:00pm by Chairman Rich Schlosser.  Members present were Dan Nickelson, Jon Ellwein and Eric Sumption.  Others present were Superintendent/9-12 Principal/Athletic Director Jeff Kosters, K-8 Principal Jessica Ringgenberg and Business Manager Janel Wagner.

The meeting began with all present reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Chairman Schlosser welcomed visitor Richard Achen.

Action 17-107 Motion by Sumption, second by Ellwein to approve the agenda as presented.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-108 Motion by Ellwein, second by Sumption to approve consent agenda which included the following items as presented:  minutes of meeting held April 9, 2018; financial statements and payment of bills.  All aye, carried.

Claims approved:  April Payroll – General Fund salaries 72,144.68; Special Education salaries 10,013.37; Food Service salaries 2,678.88; EFTPS, federal income tax/Social Security/Medicare 22,448.83; AFLAC, supplemental insurance 450.76; American Funds, retirement 1,185.50; AMI, garnishment 733.04; Delta Dental, insurance 1,582.68; Reliastar Life, insurance 159.04; SD Retirement 12,349.69; SD Retirement Supplemental, 460.50; Security Benefits, retirement 412.50; VSP, vision insurance 247.64, Wellmark, health insurance 16,861.00.

General Fund:  A & B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, staples 91.40; ABERDEEN ASPHALT, snow removal 1,472.50; ABERDEEN NEWS, advertising 357.02; AGTEGRA, diesel/gasoline 4,748.35; ALL PARTITIONS & PARTS, repairs 53.00; AMAZON, supplies 210.30; BJS STURGIS, gasoline 34.49; CLIMATE CONTROL, repairs 564.50; COLE PAPERS, supplies 1,937.30; CRAWFORD TRUCKS & EQUIPMENT, repairs 519.64; CWD, FFVP 976.28; EUREKA SCHOOL DISTRICT, Co-op cost share 1,589.66; EVAN-MOOR EDUCATIONAL, supplies 149.85; FARNAM'S GENUINE PARTS, repairs 347.67; FOREMAN SALES AND SERVICE, repairs 326.46; FREDERICK FORWARD, FYI cost share 1,800.00; GDI News, publishing 108.69; HERMANSEN, RANDY, travel 82.00; JAMES VALLEY TELECOMMUNICATIONS, telephone 253.43; JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION, fire alarm contract 995.00; KESSLER'S, Title I parent night supplies 35.90; LEOLA SCHOOL DISTRICT, Co-op cost share 2,280.79; MARC, supplies 304.02; MENARDS, supplies 33.71; MIDSTATES GROUP, awards 237.00; MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES, electric 4,256.79; MOTIVATION PLAQUES, awards 131.45; MY PLACE HOTEL, travel 228.00; O'REILLY AUTO PARTS, repairs 106.54; PANTORIUM CLEANERS, supplies 328.00; PODOLL, LANCE, mileage 309.12; POSTMASTER, postage 13.50; QUALITY QUICK PRINT, postage 9.96; RUNNING'S, supplies 23.78; SANDER'S SEW-N-VAC, repairs 61.88; SCHOOL SPECIALTY, supplies 17.97; SD HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ASSOC, fees 31.00; ASSOCIATION SD SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS, conference registration fee 150.00; SDASBO, workshop registration fee 50.00; SHERATON SIOUX FALLS, travel 530.00; SISSETON AMERICAN LEGION, track meet fees 100.00; SISSETON SCHOOL DISTRICT, track meet fees 150.00; TAYLOR MUSIC, supplies/repairs 75.00; TOWN OF FREDERICK, water/sewer/garbage 175.86; TRUST AND AGENCY FUND, Imprest reimbursement 1,930.14.  Capital Outlay Fund:  A & B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, copier contract 589.66; AMAZON, supplies 162.53; AMERICAN TIME, clocks 293.69; FINISHING TOUCH DESIGN STUDIO, floor tiles 147.15; GRAMMARLY, software 139.95; PAUER SOUND & MUSIC, gymnasium sound system 9,972.97; RINGGENBERG, JESSICA, library chairs 220.36; SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS, books 21.98; TAYLOR MUSIC, drum stand 238.00; TRUST AND AGENCY FUND, Imprest reimbursement 2,358.57.  Special Education Fund:  AVERA ST LUKES, occupational/physical therapy 1,798.00; POSTMASTER, postage 8.04.  Food Service Fund:  BLUE RIBBON MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES, supplies 188.76; CWD, food/supplies 3,356.19; PARENT,  lunch money refund 41.35; PARENT, lunch money refund 18.40; PANTORIUM CLEANERS, supplies 69.12.

The following reports were presented:

A. Jeff Kosters - Superintendent/9-12 Principal/Athletic Director

B. Jessica Ringgenberg – K-8 Principal

Action 17-109 Be it hereby resolved that the Board of Education of the Frederick Area School District does authorize participation the in the Associated School Boards Protective Trust Property and Liability Fund.  Ellwein-yes, Sumption-yes, Schlosser-yes, Nickelson-yes.  Carried.

Action 17-110 Motion by Sumption, second by Ellwein to approve Open Enrollment Applications #19-2, #19-3 and #19-4.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-111 Motion by Sumption, second by Ellwein to declare items listed as surplus and authorize the Business Manager to dispose of the items.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-112 Motion by Nickelson, second by Sumption to approve installation of snow bars on school building roof.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-113 Motion by Sumption, second by Ellwein to purchase new Grasshopper 623T from Titan Machinery.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-114 Motion by Ellwein, second by Nickelson to approve first reading of Sentinel policy.  All aye, carried.

Enter Alex Hart at 7:44pm.

Action 17-115 Motion by Ellwein, second by Nickelson to accept the resignation from Shawn Cutler as Junior High Boys Basketball coach.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-116 Motion by Ellwein, second by Hart to accept the resignations from Scott Gilbertson as Custodian and Tom Arnold as Assistant Janitor, effective May 17, 2018.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-117 Motion by Sumption, second by Nickelson to accept 2018 Head Golf coach contract from Jeff Kosters for $4,118.14.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-118 Motion by Nickelson, second by Ellwein to offer 2018 Driver’s Education Instructor contract to Jeff Kosters for $2,000 classroom plus $20.00 per hour driving time.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-119 Motion by Nickelson, second by Sumption to accept Head Cook contract for Faye Gunther at $18.03/hr.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-120 Motion by Sumption, second by Hart to accept 7-12 Special Education teacher contract from Christine Kosters for $42,300 and Special Education Director contract for $2,500.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-121 Motion by Ellwein, second by Nickelson to approve the Leola/Frederick Titans Coaching Salary Schedule as presented.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-122 Motion by Sumption, second by Nickelson to approve the modified 2018-2019 school calendar.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-123 Motion by Nickelson, second by Ellwein to submit the following votes to the SDHSAA:  Yes for Amendment 1; Yes for Dr. Paul Turman-Large School Group Board of Education representative; Yes for Dr. Jerry Rasmussen-Division III representative; Yes for Craig Cassens-Division IV representative.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-124 Motion by Sumption, second by Hart to approve the 2018-2019 North Central Special Education Cooperative Agreement.  All aye, carried.

Action 17-125 Motion by Hart, second by Ellwein to accept the following 2018-2019 administrative contracts, certified contracts, and employment agreements:  Jessica Ringgenberg, K-8 Principal $57,500; Janel Wagner, Business Manager $42,600; Jennifer Anliker, teacher $41,450; Crystal Arthurs, teacher $37,700; Janelle Barondeau, teacher $49,260; Janel Bergan, teacher $51,855; Jennifer Dallman, teacher $40,500; Jennifer Hoyle, teacher $39,000; Elizabeth Labesky, teacher $49,860; Ashley Larsen, counselor $43,000; Jennifer Little, teacher $37,400; Melissa Meidinger, teacher $40,300; Marty Morlock, teacher $45,260; Brock Pashen, teacher $40,775; Caitlin Podoll, teacher $40,600; Sarah Sumption, teacher $45,660; Paula Tschosik, teacher $44,260; Maggie Ulmer, teacher $40,625; Tonya Zinter, teacher $53,853; Renee Brooks, paraprofessional $16.04/hr; Janet Elsen, paraprofessional $20.53/hr; Donna Hoffman, paraprofessional $13.90/hr; Michelle Sumption, paraprofessional $13.27/hr; Stacey Sumption, Administrative Assistant $17.82/hr; Renata Winburn, paraprofessional $13.58/hr.

Action 17-126 Motion by Nickelson, second by Hart to offer 2018-2019 employment agreements to Rick Downes, Sheryl Downes, Jim Dumire, Marty Morlock, Mark Christianson, Lance Podoll, John Brotzel; Athletic Director contract to Jeff Kosters; extra-curricular contracts to Elizabeth Labesky and Brock Pashen.  All aye, carried.

Mrs. Wagner presented the preliminary budget information for Fiscal Year 2019.  

Mrs. Wagner presented CD rate options provided by First National Bank.  Discussion was held to move $500,000 from the money market account to SD FIT.

Discussion was held regarding radio advertising for enrollment.  Mr. Kosters will contact Hub City Radio to start advertising campaign for early summer.

School improvement ideas were discussed.

Congratulations go out to the following:  the Class of 2018; Bryson Witte for being selected to participate in the Summer Trooper Academy with the SD Highway Patrol; Keely Podoll for attending the Best and Brightest luncheon in Pierre with Governor Daugaard and Hannah Sumption on being recognized by the Aberdeen News as a Gold Scholastic Stars member.

Action 17-127 Motion by Ellwein, second by Hart to adjourn at 9:00pm.  All aye, carried.

Richard Schlosser, Chairman

Janel Wagner, Business Manager         


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