Frederick Town

May 7, 2018

General Meeting

Town of Frederick

May Minutes

The monthly Frederick Town Board meeting was held Monday evening, May 7, 2018, at 7 PM, in the Community Center with 6 people present; Chairman R. Scott Campbell, Board Members Gary Schlosser and Troy Millard, Finance Officer and Assistant Finance Officer, Diane Bruns and Mariah Heine, and Utility/Maintenance Manager Richard Bakeberg.

The meeting began with Chairman Campbell leading in The Pledge of Allegiance. 

Minutes of the April meeting were reviewed and approved with a motion by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

The Financial Report for April along with the Revenue-Expenditure Budget Record was reviewed. Chairman Campbell will review interest earned on Savings accounts in 1st National Bank. The Financial Report was approved with a motion by GS/SC. Motion Carried.

Approval of Accounts Payable was made after an agreement between Board Members to Assistant FO amount paid for April. The Accounts Payable motion was made by GS/TM. Motion Carried.


A&B Business Solutions, Inc. Supplies FO $552.43; A-1 Sanitation & Recycling, LLC, Roll-Off Day of Champions Gen’l $254.26; Badger Meter fees Water $115.70; Community Store Supplies CC FO $20.09; D. Bruns wage CC $124.13; D. Bruns Expenses FO Gen’l $45.98; D. Bruns wage+mtg+mileage FO $1258.36; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; FU Oil Co Propane EBL, Municipal Bldg $729.02; G. Schlosser wage Gen’l $23.09; GDI News Mins Audit Notice Gen’l $50.73; JVT Services Gen’l FO EBL Wtr $299.23; M. Cox wage EBL $626.45; MDU elect Municipal Bldg Sts EBL BP SP Swr Wtr $1484.64; Menard’s Supplies CC $14.78; R. Bakeberg Expenses Swr $417.19; R. Bakeberg wage+base+Classes+ mileage Swr $762.78; R. Bakeberg Veh Allow Sts Wtr Swr $75; R.S. Campbell wage Gen’l $46.17; SD Dept of Rev Lab Wtr $15; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $73.92; SD Dept of Rev Motor Veh fees Gen’l $16.75; T. Millard wage Gen’l $23.09; True Value Ellendale supplies S Park $57.36; USDA-RD AP Wtr loan Wtr Repair $475; WEB Water 529,800 gallons Wtr $2331.03; Menard’s (2nd  ck) Supplies S Park Gen’l Sts $169.69; Aberdeen Asphalt Snow Removal Sts $902.50; Mariah Heine wage FO $392.48. TOTAL A/P May $12,556.85. 


Utility Manager R. Bakeberg’s Utility Report included filling holes around town with Pot Mix; C. Martin has been blading some roads in town; will put dock into water at Simmons Park in a couple weeks; the new Shed at Riverside Cemetery is installed and packed around with rock and clay. Also, the water froze in the park bathroom lines and the bathrooms will be opened in a couple weeks. He will be obtaining garbage containers from Dependable Sanitation for repairs and replacements to our containers. Bakeberg also reported on the Wastewater Workshop he attended in Pierre for 2 days. He commented the EPA is pushing to update sewer systems and install new heavy-duty manhole covers as needed. 

Frederick Forward – A motion was made to give a $600 donation towards Sponsorship for Finn Fest. Motion was made by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

Historical Society held a May Basket Fundraiser in the Community Center on Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Emma Burnham Library – discussed the 14% allotted to Emma Burnham Library from the Brown County Auditor’s disbursement each month. Decided to leave as is.

Frederick Development Corporation – No Business.


Nothing on Flashing Speed Limit Sign; Helms & Associates unable to acquire bids under $50,000 for installation of sewer line, Board looking at 2 contractors in Leola and one in Hecla; Thank-yous were noted from Craig Mickelson of Mickelson Realty for easy land transaction and the Community Store for their fundraiser in the Community Center; Landfill is open for Season, Wednesdays and Saturdays; Manager Bakeberg will add gravel over repaired area on 2nd Street.


Each uncontested Board Member read and signed their Oath of Office, R. Scott Campbell accepted the three-year term, G. Schlosser accepted the one-year term. 

At this point the meeting was turned over to Finance Officer Bruns to elect a Chairman of the new Board. 

Troy Millard nominated R. Scott Campbell. R. Scott Campbell nominated Troy Millard. Motion was made by SC/TM to end nominations. After voting, R. Scott Campbell is Chairman. The meeting was given back to presiding Chairman Campbell.

A Certificate of Achievement was presented to Utility Manager Richard Bakeberg and to the City of Frederick from the DENR for meeting the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act and the State of SD regulations for safe drinking water to the public.

The recommendations from the DENR in the Landfill Inspection packet were reviewed. No action was taken. 

A deteriorating building on Main Street was discussed. The building is the owner’s responsibility and should be covered by insurance.

Bakeberg asked Board if it would be possible to put in a Flush-out S of his house to prevent sewer backup that has been going on for the last twenty years. The board agreed it is needed and made a motion to hire M. Thorpe of Ellendale to install. Motion made by TM/GS. Motion Carried.


No correspondence this month.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned with a motion by TM/GS. Motion Carried. The next Frederick Town Board meeting will be June 4, 2018, in the Frederick Community Center. SDCL 1-25-1.

Diane Bruns, Frederick Finance Officer

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