Columbia City

May 1, 2018

Meeting Minutes

City of Columbia Council Meeting

May 1, 2018    7pm


ROLL CALL –Ellen Harr, Corey Mitchell, Cara Dennert , Tyler Kampa, Cole Kampa 

Public attending – Trevor Meints, Jeremy Dosch

Corey Mitchell called the meeting to order.  Minutes were passed out from the April meeting.    Cole Kampa made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Ellen Harr seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.


JVT – 142.13; Cara Dennert – 823.50;  Jeremy Dosch –419.99; Andrew Davis – 24.70;  GDI News – 24.69; Double Duty Storage – 250.00;  SD Governmental Finance Officer’s Association – 75.00 Kelsie Ehresmann – 140.00; Runnings – 48.84

Ellen Harr made a motion to accept the vouchers as presented.  Tyler Kampa seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.



UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Cole picked up park signs.  Jeremy will put them up.

Nuisances – the board needs to talk to Steve Ackerman about his lot

Streets – we are working on a Welcome sign that will be put on the edge of town.  There are trees already donated (at our cost for moving to sign location).  Waiting on permission/wavier on land that sign & trees will go on.  The dump truck needs to quit using the road going north.  It’s not built up as much as the road back to the south.

Parks – there is cement work that needs to be done – park won’t be open for a while – waiting for the river to recede a bit. 

Lagoon/sewer – ice is finally melting

Sewer accounts – nothing new

Rubble Site – letter from Pierre with details of things that need to be repaired.

New Shop – The council, Jeremy Dosch, plus Dean Marske & Scott Sikkink toured the new shop.  Notes were made and compared on various items to be addressed in the construction.


City Council Election –  Cole Kampa  made a recommendation to appoint & fill the vacant council member seat with Trevor Meints.  Tyler Kampa seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.   New board positions were assigned: Board President & Lagoon/Sewer – Ellen Harr; Nuisances & Rubble Site – Trevor Meints; Streets – Cole Kampa; Parks – Tyler Kampa.  The Summer Recreation program was discussed.  Hattie Weismantel will be running the program with the council giving her a wage plus cost of supplies incurred.  There was discussion on the city’s policies regarding pet numbers per residence.  This will be researched further before action is taken.  Tyler Kampa is also going to look into the ballpark account getting their own tax ID number.

FINANCIAL REPORT – was presented.  Ellen Harr made a motion to accept as presented.  Trevor Meints seconded the motion.  All were in favor – motion carried.

March 31, 2018 balances: SF - $139,452.29; GF - $129,627.17; FIT - $13,536.44

Cara Dennert presented information from the annual reports.  Reports will be submitted to the paper as well as the state department.  

Ellen Harr made a motion to adjourn.  Cole Kampa seconded the motion.  All were in favor – meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting       June 5, 2018 7pm

Submitted by Cara Dennert, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $31.79. 15908