04-30-2018 Joint

Brown County

April 30, 2018

Joint Meeting


The Brown County Commission and the Aberdeen City Council met in joint session at 5:30 P.M. in the Aberdeen City Council Chambers, 123 S Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, SD.  Present from City were Council Members Bunsness, Johnson, Lunzman, Olson, Remily, Ronayne, Rux and Mayor Levsen.  Council member Slaight-Hansen was absent.  Present from County were Commissioners Sutton, Fischbach and Kippley.   Commissioners Hansen and Fjeldheim were absent.  Mayor Levsen led the Pledge of Allegiance.

ORD 18-04-02/475: On motion by Ronayne and seconded by Bunsness, the City unanimously voted to adopt Ordinance #18-04-02 /475.  Moved by Fischbach, seconded by Sutton to adopt Ordinance #18-04-02/475, an Ordinance to amend Ordinance No. 1164 to consider petition filed by Alan Neitzel, to amend Ordinance No. 1164 to rezone the following described property from its present zoning designation of (R-1) Low Density Residential District, (M-AG) Mini-Agricultural District , and (A-1) Agricultural District to (M-AG) Mini-Agricultural District, Proposed Lot 1, Neitzel First Subdivision in the NW ¼ of Sec 6-T123N-R63W of the 5th P.M., Brown County, SD (3060 N Dakota Street).  Roll call vote: Commissioners Hansen-absent, Sutton-aye, Fischbach-aye, Kippley-aye, Fjeldheim-absent.  Ordinance adopted.  

ADJOURNMENT: Moved by Sutton, seconded by Fischbach to adjourn the Brown County Commission at 5:32 p.m.  All members present voting aye.  Motion carried. 

Maxine Fischer, Brown County Auditor

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