April 4, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Town of Frederick

April Minutes

The Town of Frederick Board meeting was postponed to Wednesday night, April 4, 2018, and began with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Chairman R. Scott Campbell. Attending the meeting was Board member Gary Schlosser, Assistant Finance Officer Mariah Heine, Finance Officer Diane Bruns, Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg, Connie Groop of Alpha Circle, and Smid and Babcock from Helms and Associates of Aberdeen. 

The March Minutes were approved with a motion by GS/SC. Motion Carried.

The Financial Report for March was approved with a motion by SC/SG. Motion Carried.

Accounts Payable were approved with a motion made by GS/SC. Motion Carried.


Community Store supplies CC/FO $28.14; Dependable Sanitation 1st Qrtr Garb $4421; D. Bruns wage CC $129.74; D. Bruns wage FO $1258.36; 1st Natl Bank Svgs Wtr/Swr $200; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; G. Schlosser, BM Genl $69.26; GDI legals Genl $46.76; JC Campbell, Inc Prop, Veh Ins Genl $6931; JVT phones, Int, services Genl/FO/Wtr/EBL $299.99; M. Cox wage EBL $573.51; MDU elect Sts/FO/CC/EBL/BP/ SP/Fire Hall/ Wtr/Swr $1534.10; R. Bakeberg wage Sts/Wtr/Swr $295.69; R. Bakeberg Veh Allow Sts/Wtr/Swr $75; R.S. Campbell, Chrman wage Genl $138.52; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $78.32; SD Assoc of Rural Wtr Systems Annual Dues Wtr $345; SD Dept of Rev Lab Wtr $15; Thorpe Excavating leak Wtr $1075; T. Millard, BM wage Genl $46.17; USDA-RD AP Wtr Loan Wtr Repair $475; USPS stamps Wtr/Swr/Garb $150;US Treasury 1st Qrtr 941 Genl/FO/CC/Cem/EBL/Sts/Swr/Wtr $1780.42; WEB Water 442,800 gallons Wtr $2096.13. Total A/P April $23,262.11.  


Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg reported on a National Weather Service Workshop he attended in Aberdeen. They are working on ways to commonize siren warnings statewide so all know the meaning of different alerts. They emphasized the fact that road conditions are available on line at safetravel.com and by dialing 511.

Mgr. Bakeberg assisted Don Rosowitz of the DENR, while inspecting the Rubble Site. Rosowitz gave his approval plus suggestions for the next year of operation. Rubble Site Permit expires in 2019.

Frederick Forward – Day of Champions April 21, 2018

Historical Society – May Basket Fundraiser May 6, 2018

Emma Burnham Library – Nat’l Lib Week Apr 4-13, Open House at EBL Friday, April 13, 1:30 PM to 5 PM 

Frederick Development Corp – no business


Nothing on flashing speed signs; Bakeberg will attend 2018 Wastewater Seminar in Pierre April 11-12; weather permitting the Landfill will be open on Saturday, April 21, for Day of Champions.


Groop presented the Board with pictures of the dilapidated storage building at Wayside Cemetery. Alpha Circle will purchase a new metal building through the city and Maintenance Manager Bakeberg will prepare the groundwork for the building at the City’s expense. A motion to authorize the purchase through the city was made by GS/SC. Motion Carried.

The 1st Quarter EBL Report was accepted with a motion by SC/GS. Motion Carried.

Enter Board Member Troy Millard.

Smid and Babcock of Helms and Associates, Inc., discussed their Engineer’s estimated bid for 2 blocks of watermain which had been presented to the board in March. It was agreed the bid could be lowered.  They will be collecting quotes from contractors able to keep project under $50,000. A Performance of Payment Bond will be needed for work totaling over $25,000. 

After much discussion, they will also be collecting information for funding a sewer project with the help of grants. They will present a pre-app to NECOG and Community Development Block Grant (CGBG) with assistance from SD Rural Water Association. A motion was made by SC/TM to present the pre-app. Motion Carried. It does not have to be accepted.  


Retired Auditor Roger Schnabel will be visiting with Bruns and Heine later this month.

A desire to replace the lighting in the Community Center to LED was mentioned. Bids may have to be taken.

A bid from Cox Trucking for hauling was reviewed.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM with a motion by TM/GS. Motion Carried.  Finance Office phone number, 329-2242. SDCL 1-25-1.

Diane Bruns, Frederick Finance Officer

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