Groton City

March 19, 2018

Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2018

The Groton City Council met on the above date at 7:00 pm at the Community Center for their second monthly meeting with the following members present: Blackmun, Peterson, McGannon, Glover, and Mayor Hanlon presiding.  Also present were:  Finance Officer Hope Block, Kathy Sundermeyer, and Norman Anderson.

Norman Anderson presented a gift of one thousand dollars to the City of Groton to show his appreciation for the City maintenance crews.  He explained that he has lived in Groton for three years, and he has never found a better place to live.  Norman gives his thanks to the City maintenance crews for all their effort and for being so kind, able and friendly.  Norman left the meeting after his speech. 

The minutes were approved as read on a motion by Blackmun and seconded by Glover.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Peterson and seconded by McGannon to authorize the following bills for payment.  All members present voted aye.

Payroll, $20,487.99, Employee salaries; Executive, $1,292.90, ; Administrative, $3,213.68, ; Public Safety, $6,518.81, ; Public Works, $8,765.04, ; Culture & Recreation, $697.56, ; First State Bank, $6,894.61, SS and WH ; First State Bank, $250.38, HSA contributions; Dakotaland FCU, $950.00, Employee savings; April Abeln, $226.14, Med & dep flex; Hope Block, $46.30, Med flex, mileage; CarQuest, $18.20, Lube; Chase Visa, $1,455.06, Uniforms, postage, ink, paper, surge protector, battery back up; City of Groton, $799.19, Petty cash for utility billing, deposit refunds, postage; Farmers Union, $1,414.68, Dsl ; Terry Herron, $1.31, Med flex; JGE, $1,447.27, Skid loader hydraulic leak repair, sending unit for fuel gage; Shawn Lambertz, $435.63, Mileage, med flex; Loris Pharmacy, $60.00, Funeral plants - BR, WF; Mac's, $8.79, Snow plow truck hitch pin; Stacy Mayou, $47.78, Med flex; MJs Sinclair, $713.60, Gas, police vehicle tire repair; S&S Lumber, $128.64, Air hose, ext cords, cable ties, snow pusher; SD Municipal League, $52.00, District meeting registration - SH, JP, HB; SD Supplemental Retirement, $530.00, Employee retirement; Share Corp, $128.46, Shop soap; USPS, $197.19, Utility billing postage;  ; Groton Independent, $53.94, Publishing; Core & Main, $206.67, Hydrant gate valve; Cannon, $2,772.36, 18 LM Receivers; WAPA, $21,787.35, Power 2/18; Heartland, $84,521.27, Power 2/18; Equipment Blades, $766.00, Cutting edges for snow plow truck & blade; James Valley, $528.64, Phone and internet; Wellmark, $14,041.62, Employee insurance.   

The February Finance report was approved on a motion by Blackmun and seconded by Glover.  All members present voted aye.

Council was presented with the notice of garbage route change effective March 27th in efforts to preserve City streets.  City baseball, softball, and T-ball registration had also been opened March 19th.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Peterson to adjourn into executive session for personnel and legal items 1-25-2 (1) & (3) at 7:15 pm. All members present voted aye. Council reconvened into regular session at 7:28pm.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Peterson to adjourn the meeting at 7:28pm.  All members present voted aye.

Scott Hanlon, Mayor

Hope Block, Finance Officer

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