Frederick Town

March 12, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Frederick Town Board Minutes

March 12, 2018

The Frederick Town Board met Monday evening March 12, 2018, in the Frederick Community Center at 7 PM. Present were Chairman R. Scott Campbell, Board Member Gary Schlosser, Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg, Georgia Smith and Krysti Mikkonen of Frederick Forward, Mariah Heine and Finance Officer Diane Bruns. Board Member Troy Millard was absent. 

Chairman Campbell opened the meeting at 7 PM by leading in The Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the February meeting were approved with a motion by GS/SC. Motion Carried.

The Financial Report for February, along with Bank Totals, Appropriation Journal, and 2018 Budget Balance Records were approved with a motion by SC/GS. Motion Carried.

Approval of Accounts Payable was made with a motion by GS/SC. Motion Carried.


D. Bruns wage FO $1292.90; Aberdeen Security PC Update Genl $152; Badger Meter 2 mos fees Wtr $231.40; Community Store supplies CC/EBL/FO $31.19; D. Bruns wage CC $144.29; DSG supplies Wtr $497.29; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; FU Oil Co Propane EBL/CC/Firehall $2,001.25; G. Schlosser wage Genl $23.09; GDI legals Genl $53.59; JVT telecommunications Genl/FO/Wtr/EBL $300.44; M. Cox wage EBL $526.71; MDU electricity BP/Wtr/FO/CC /Firehall /Swr/SP/Sts/EBL $1,529.27; R. Bakeberg wage Wtr/Sts/Swr $270.44; R. Bakeberg Veh Allow Wtr/Sts/Swr $75; Savings Acct. #2525 savings AP $200; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $75.02; SD Dept of Rev Lab Wtr $30; St. Paul Stamp Works, Inc. supplies Genl $23.92;T. Millard wage Genl $23.09; USDA-RD AP loan Wtr $475; WEB Wtr 677,400 gallons Wtr $2729.55. Total A/P March $11,931.61.


Utility Report by Manager Bakeberg reported water freezing at the Historical Society. Said he would be taking down banners on Main Street when the temps stay above freezing.

Frederick Forward – G. Smith mentioned Day of Champions is on April 21 this Spring. She asked if the city would again help with payment of the dumpsters, one of which will be on Main Street. This year the bill will be sent directly to the city.

K. Mikkonen mentioned the playground equipment getting finished up on Day of Champions. She asked the city if it would contribute to the cost of rubber chips for under the equipment at a cost of $5000, instead of wood chips. Chairman Campbell said there may be a $1000 in the Simmons Park fund to help with costs. The floating dock will go in that same day after fill is put in the Maple River under the dock area. 

Historical Society – The curb stop installment bill from July of 2017, from SD Underground, was reviewed and questioned. With no representation for answers, the matter was tabled. A phone number for SD Underground in Mina, SD, is needed.

Emma Burnham Library back roof has been leaking to the point of saturation inside. Chairman Campbell shoveled off Snow along with Father Glover and is also going to talk with him about a Fundraiser for repairs. 

Frederick Development Corporation. No information.


An application was presented from Mariah (Mikkonen) Heine. Chairman Campbell moved the Application to New Business. National Weather Service Meeting is 3/21/18 from 10-3 PM. Manager Bakeberg and Board Member Millard plan to attend. No city election will be held as no other petitions were taken out. Discussion was held on 2 positions being open in the same year; that needs to be corrected. BM Schlosser is still watching for a Flashing Speed Sign on the Internet and, the checks presented for hauling were accepted.


Helms & Associates watermain estimate was reviewed and discussed. Chrmn. Campbell will contact Associate Brandon Smid about coming to Frederick. 

A NorthStar Energy bid (formerly Brick’s Propane) in Aberdeen was reviewed but will be tabled until September/October.

CPI for 2019 was noted.

An authorization to transfer funds from the Contingency Fund to the Fire Department Fund was tabled to the April meeting.

Equalization Week March 19-23 was noted. The Equalization Board will convene at 7 PM in the Frederick Community Center for any Appeals turned in before March 16, 2018. The EB will re-convene on Friday, March 23, 2018, at 7 PM, to adjourn. 

The application from M. Heine was reviewed with high remarks. A motion was made by GS/SC to hire Heine as Assistant Finance Officer/Promotional Assistant. Motion Carried. Mariah accepted. She will begin April 17, 2018, following current employment. 


The 2018 Wastewater Seminar in Pierre on April 11-12 was noted. Manager Bakeberg was given permission to attend both days.

The Drinking Water Report for 2017 is available for viewing in the Finance Office. 


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned with a motion by GS/SC. Motion Carried. Finance Office phone number is 329-2242.              SDCL 1-25-1.

Diane Bruns

Frederick Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $46.76. 15679