Groton City March 5 Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2018

The Groton City Council met on the above date at 7:00 pm at the Community Center for their first monthly meeting with the following members present: Blackmun, Peterson, Babcock, Glover, and Mayor Hanlon presiding.  Also present were:  Finance Officer Hope Block, Paul Kosel, Hannah Lewandowski, Shawn Lambertz, and Jerry Bjerke.

The minutes from February 21st and 28th were approved as read on a motion by Glover and seconded by Babcock.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Blackmun and seconded by Glover to authorize the following bills for payment.  All members present voted aye.

Payroll, $22,216.26, Employee salaries; Executive, $577.19; Administrative, $3,029.00; Public Safety, $9,583.19; Public Works, $8,465.05; Culture & Recreation, $561.83; First State Bank, $7,871.55, SS and WH ; First State Bank, $250.38, HSA contributions; Dakotaland FCU, $950.00, Employee savings; Aflac, $160.14, Employee insurance; April Abeln, $119.67, Dep & Med flex; Associated Supply Company, $32.06, Chemicals for testing water; Auto Zone, $152.79, Brakes, shop oil; Car Quest, $9.59, Oil filters for plow truck; City of Groton, $300.00, Payroll deduction for curb and gutter pmt; Colonial Life, $320.78, Employee insurance; Dollar General, $18.85, Cleaners for community center; EMC, $82.30, Employee insurance; Guardian Insurance, $258.53, Employee dental and vision; SD Dept of Revenue, $150.00, Alcohol beverage license; SD Retirement System, $8,455.60, Employee retirement 2/18; SD Supplemental Retirement, $530.00, Employee retirement; Verizon Wireless, $42.61, Dump Camera Com; Drew Johnson, $1,550.00, Legal fees 2/18; Web Water, $11,037.63, Water 2/18; Kens , $664.79, Gas, retirement party supplies; NorthWestern Energy, $11.12, Natural gas; A & B Business, $169.31, Copier rent ; Groton Independent, $43.49, Publishing; SD Dept of Health, $38.00, Water testing; Irby, $45.47, Glove testing

Department reports were delivered.  Hannah Lewandowski reported how the season went for the skating rink.  She had a great season, and the Council and Mayor thanked Hannah for everything she has done for the City.  Hannah left the meeting at 7:06 pm.

Lambertz reported how the department has been going with the recent snow and freezing, and that electric home inspections are still being done.  Lambertz leaves at 7:13 pm.

The five poles from the baseball field that were damaged from the wind will be covered by the City’s insurance at $731.00 per pole.  City employees will install the poles.

Council reviewed the map showing the streets that will be resurfaced this year.  Bids for the resurface project are currently being accepted, and will be opened April 2, 2018.  The drinking water report was also reviewed, and it will be published for the public.

Bjerke reported how the camera has been working for the police department, and left the meeting at 7:24 pm.

Moved by Blackmun and seconded by Glover to allow Peterson and Hanlon to attend the SDML Annual District Meeting in Roscoe March 21st, and for Block to attend the Annual District Meeting in Selby March 22nd.  All members present voted aye.

Blackmun reported that there has not been any Planning and Zoning meetings since his last update.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Babcock to donate a 2018 Family Pool Pass and two 2018 Baseball season passes to the PAC for the school carnival.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Peterson to approve the second reading of Ordinance #718 listing the summer salaries.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Blackmun to set the Equalization Meeting date for March 19th with a contingency date for March 21st at 7:00 pm.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Blackmun to approve the 2017 Annual report and supporting documents to be submitted to the department of legislative audit, and for the Annual report to be published after the completion of the audit being done this year.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Peterson to adjourn into executive session for personnel and legal items 1-25-2 (1) & (3) at 7:50 pm. All members present voted aye. Council reconvened into regular session at 8:51pm.

Moved by Blackmun and seconded by Babcock to hire the following people for summer employment contingent upon completion of a 2018 seasonal employment application: Public Works & Cemetery: Heather Nelson, Jim Gerdes, Brian Gravatt, Aaron Severson; Ball field: Adam Herman – Jr Teener coach, Katie Hansen – Gate Keeper at $9.25 hourly, Matt Locke – Baseball Coordinator, Wyatt Locke, Truitt Rogers, Darien Shabazz, and Brandon Keith as Baseball Groundskeepers; Swimming Pool: Kami Lipp, Brenda Madsen, and Karla Pasteur – Managers, Marlee Jones, Payton Maine, Rebecca Fliehs, Cody Swanson, Emma Donley, Nicole Marzahn, Eliza Wanner, Audrey Wanner, Luke Thorson, Seric Shabazz, Jasmine Schaller, Kaycie Hawkins, Tricia Keith, Tadyn Glover, Tylan Glover, Jasmine Schinkel, Kelli Hanson, Thomas Cranford, Tanae Lipp, Alexis Hanten, Grace Wambach, and Kenzie McInerney as lifeguards or swim class instructors. All members present voted aye.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Scott Hanlon, Mayor

Hope Block, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $27.86. 15637