Claremont Town

Feb. 14, 2018

Meeting Minutes

The Board of trustees of the Town of Claremont met in regular sesson on 2-14-18 at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall. President Johnson called the meeting to order with Spencer and Rasmussen present.

On a motion by Spencer and seconded by Rasmussen, the minutes of the Januiary meeting approved as read.

On a motion by Rasmussen and seconded by Specner, the following warrants were approved:


First State Bank, loan pay x 2, 1660.26; NWE, lights and Christmas Lights, 440.41; James Valley, Phone x 2, 172.56; Groton Independent, publishing, 451.71; SD Assoc. Towns and Townships, annual dues, 221.75; Jason Spencer, Excavator and tractor hours, 109.38; Charla Rye, wage, 350.00.


BDM, water used, 833.90; NWE, water and sewer, 537.21; DPC, service call/sewer lift, 2663.27; Melinda Spencer, meter reading, 138.52; Rural Development, loan, 576.00.

Residents with delinquent water bills will be receiving notices via mail.

Board of Equalization will be held the third Monday of March.

Reminder to all residents and others: No semi loaded or empty on Sixth Avenue and Sixth St.

With no other business before the board, a motion to adjourn made by Spencer and seconded by Rasmussen. Motion carried.

CRye, FO

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