City of Columbia Council Meeting

February 6, 2018 7pm


ROLL CALL – Andrew Davis, Ellen Harr, Tyler Kampa, Cole Kampa, Corey Mitchell, Cara Dennert Public attending – Jeremy Dosch, Landon Wolf, Scott Sikkink

Corey Mitchell called the meeting to order. He read the minutes from the January meeting. There were no additions or corrections.

Ellen Harr made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Cole Kampa seconded the motion. All in favor – motion carried.


Jeremy Dosch –363.99 ; Cara Dennert – 823.50; JVT – 143.98; Web Water – 26.72; Aberdeen News Company – 673.48; Northwestern Energy – 634.38; SDUID - 46.28; SDML – 554.00; Runnings – 6.89

Tyler Kampa made a motion approve the warrants as submitted with the exception of checking into the Christmas Lights billing from Northwestern Energy. Ellen Harr seconded the motion. All in favor – motion carried.




Nuisances – we were deeded the property (near Kevin’s) because of back taxes

Streets – good/dry

Parks – good/dry, pouring of cement by the concession stand area needs to get done before spring’s busy time.

Lagoon/sewer – none

Sewer accounts – nothing new

Rubble Site – none

New Shop – Landon Wolf and Scott Sikkink were present to discuss a few issues. There was discussion about the insulation (which Scott is looking into) and site heating issue. Landon was asking for 28 day s of heating (which will be half of the heating costs.) The council decided to take the awning off the plans on the north side of the building to offset this cost. Landon stated that if there is a difference (the awning cost being more than 28 days of heating) they (Wolf) will write us a check. Ellen made a motion to take off the awning (from the plans) to help offset the heating cost – which is close to a 28 day cycle of heat for the site. Cole seconded the motion. All were in favor – motion carried.


Ellen Harr said that she will be ordering sewer testing supplies soon.

FINANCIAL REPORT – was presented and approved.

Cole Kampa made a motion to adjourn. Ellen Harr seconded the motion. All were in favor – meeting adjourned.

/s/ Cara Dennert, FO

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