Groton City

Feb. 5

Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2018

The Groton City Council met on the above date at 7:00 pm at the Community Center for their first monthly meeting with the following members present: Opp, Blackmun, Peterson, Babcock, Glover and Mayor Hanlon presiding.  Also present were:  Finance Officer Hope Block, Attorney Drew Johnson, Kathy Sundermeyer, Paul Kosel, Shawn Lambertz and DGR Representative Chris Nordquist.

The minutes were approved as read on a motion by Blackmun, and seconded by Opp.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Peterson and seconded by Babcock to authorize the following bills for payment.  All members present voted aye.

Payroll, $21,626.50, Employee salaries; Executive, $1,363.18, ; Administrative, $2,850.84, ; Public Safety, $8,013.96, ; Public Works, $8,462.31, ; Culture & Recreation, $936.21, ; First State Bank, $7,382.45, SS and WH ; First State Bank, $250.38, HSA contributions; Dakotaland FCU, $1,150.00, Employee savings; A&B Business Soln, $170.00, Copier rent; Aflac, $356.62, Employee insurance; April Abeln, $210.53, Dep & med flex; Base Kamp Lodge, $75.00, Lodging Vickie Schulkoski; Branden Abeln, $40.00, Personal phone use 1/18 & 2/18; Colonial Life, $320.78, Employee insurance; Dan Sunne, $51.00, Lunch MSHA Training Aberdeen, personal phone use 1/18 & 2/18; Dwight Zerr, $11.00, Lunch MSHA Training Aberdeen; EMC, $87.70, Employee insurance; Guardian Ins, $258.53, Employee insurance; JGE, $97.96, Bearing for skid loader; Jim Gerdes, $146.41, Med flex; NAPA, $176.89, Seat covers electric & wastewater pickup; Paul Kosel, $589.35, Med flex & personal phone use 1/18 & 2/18; S&S Lumber, $571.86, Tin roof supplies, boards for scenery, target supplies, leather gloves, range cord for cc, leather gloves; SD Retirement, $8,163.05, Employee retirement; SD Supplemental Retirement, $530.00, Employee retirement; Shawn Lambertz, $11.00, Lunch MSHA Training Aberdeen; Verizon Wireless, $42.61, Dump camera ; Ameripride, $36.46, Rug rent; Cole paper, $110.34, Paper products; Darrel's Sinclair, $2,648.78, Four tires and rims for blue dump truck, tire repair sewer pickup, two tires red plow truck; Drew Johnson, $1,375.00, Legal fees 1/18; Galls, $145.19, Uniforms - JC; Northwestern Energy, $10.00, Natural gas; Share Corp, $153.71, Car shampoo for shop; Office Max, $148.95, Ink, office supplies; Vickie Schulkoski, $273.70, Mileage two trips from Selby, meal allowance; Web Water, $12,095.76, 2,951,300 Gals.

Nordquist, representative from DGR Engineering, proposed that Groton participate in an electric study, and allow DGR to help create a ten year plan for the City’s electrical needs.  Council thanked Nordquist for his time, and they will discuss the possibility of working with DGR Engineering in the future.

Herron arrived at the meeting at 7:27pm, and Chris Nordquist left at the same time.

Herron delivered his department report.  He explained that the estimate for replacing the damaged poles at the ball field will be done soon.  This expense will be paid by the City’s insurance.  Herron is also working on finalizing the chip seal project for this year. 

Zerr has been working with Dakota Pump to replace two of the City’s float controls at the lift stations.  Zerr was able to get the two controls for about $4500.

The City will be advertising for summer help as soon as needs are determined.

Herron and Zerr left the meeting at 7:36pm, and Officer David Hunter enters the meeting.

Lambertz followed up with Chris Nordquist’s report, and introduced a quote for $23,725 from SD State bid for a Dodge Ram 1500.  The pickup would also need to have $4600 worth of electric accessories installed from Safety Service, Inc.  Lambertz left the meeting at 7:49pm.

Mayou announced that the new body camera has arrived, and he introduced the Police Department’s annual report.  Mayou also requested permission from the council for Officer Cleveland to attend the Statewide Sex Offender Registry Conference April 24th and 25th in Deadwood.

Moved by Peterson and seconded by Opp to allow Officer Cleveland to attend the Statewide Sex Offender Registry Conference in Deadwood.  All members present voted aye.

Blackmun reported from the Baseball Foundation that the dugouts will be replaced in the spring, some new benches will be installed, and Groton will host a state tournament next year.  The Foundation will be having a Baseball Fundraiser April 7th, and there are still some tables left to attend the dueling pianos if anyone is interested.  Tables start at $800 and go up to $1200 for VIP.

Blackmun also updated the council on the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The last meeting was held in July 2017, and Blackmun will update the council on the results of future meetings.

A sample small cell ordinance was introduced to coordinate with Groton’s current ordinance 18.0109.  Council followed Johnson’s suggestion and tabled the issue for another 3-6 months.

Necog’s 2017 Performance Report was presented to council for review.

Council was also reminded that petitions are currently being circulated for this year’s election.  Petitions must be turned in by February 23rd at 5:00pm.

Moved by Blackmun and seconded by Glover to surplus the damaged stove from the community center to junk.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Opp and seconded by Babcock to adjourn into executive session for personnel and legal items

1-25-2 (1) & (3) at 8:07 pm. All members present voted aye. Council reconvened into regular session at 8:35pm.

Moved by Peterson and seconded by Opp to accept Officer David Hunter’s resignation as of February 28, 2018.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Babcock and seconded by Opp to publish a job opening for a full-time police officer.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Blackmun to accept the State Bid for the Dodge Ram 1500 along with the purchase of additional accessories from Safety Services, Inc.  All members present voted aye.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38pm.

Scott Hanlon, Mayor

Hope Block, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $31.12. 15537