Westport Town

Feb. 5

Meeting Minutes

Town of Westport General Meeting

February 5th, 2018

The Town of Westport met on February 5th, 2018 with Tim Selzler, Shane Storm, Mike Wilson, and Doreen Hertel present. 

The following expenses were presented:

City General

NWPS ($567.89), Groton Independent ($17.34), SD Public Assurance Allicance – Insurance ($1,646.32), Craig Martin Constr. – Blading Roads ($470.25).


NWPS ($43.30) & NRWA –loan repayment ($210.13).


WEB ($1,005.20),Water Maintenance District ($321.43) 

Mike Wilson made motion to pay all bills; second by Shane Storm.

The following deposits were presented:

City General

Brown County Collections ($1,399.74), State of SD ($5,236.38), Interest ($26.27), Hall Rent ($150.00),


Resident Payments- ($1,900.00).


Resident Payments – ($3,450.55).


The loan was discussed for the sewer project.  Since we are not doing the full project we are not eligible for the 30 year loan.   Mike will contact NECOG and/ or the Dept of Natural Resources to see what we are eligible for.

The Drop Box for the water/sewer payments is here.  It will installed soon.

Doreen Hertel, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $14.19. 15538