Frederick Town

Feb. 5

Meeting Minutes

Town of Frederick

February 2018 Minutes

Monday night’s Frederick Town Board meeting was opened by Chairman R. Scott Campbell before leading all in the Pledge of Allegiance. Those attending the meeting on February 5, 2018, were Wes and Amanda McCullough, Craig Mickelson of Mickelson Realtors, Inc., Richard Osborn, Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg, Chairman R. Scott Campbell, Board Members Gary Schlosser and Troy Millard, and Finance Officer Diane Bruns.

The January Minutes were approved with one correction, to strike a phrase including Assist FO wage, from report. Motion made by GS/TM. Motion Carried.

The February Financial Report was approved with a motion by SC/TM. Motion Carried.  Included along with the Financial Report was the Customer Info File from 1st National Bank, all 2017 Cash Reports and 2018 Cash Reports to date. A discrepancy in 941 Federal taxes paid was noted.

Approval of the Accounts Payable, after discussion, was passed with a motion by SC/GS. Motion Carried.


A&B Solutions, Inc. sup Wtr/Garb/Swr $123.32; D. Bruns Jan wage CC $69.71; D. Bruns Jan wage, mtg, mileage, OT FO $1377.15; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; FU Oil Co parts Gen’l $93.20; G. Schlosser Jan wage Gen’l $23.09; GDI legal’s Gen’l $74.40; JVT phones, services, Internets Gen’l/FO/EBL/Water $300.76; M. Cox Jan wage EBL $583.66; MDU elect Sts/FO/CC/EBL/B.Park/S.Park/FireHall/Wtr/Swr $1741.33; R. Bakeberg Jan wage St/Wtr/Swr $232.42; R. Bakeberg Veh allow St/Wtr/Swr $75; R. Scott Campbell Jan wage Gen’l $46.17; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $109.34; SDAT&T Annual Dues Gen’l $239.75; T. Millard Jan wage Gen’l $23.09; USDA-RD payment Wtr Rpr Loan AP $475; USPS stamps Wtr/Garb/Swr $149; WEB Water 823,300 gallons Wtr $3145.89. Total Accounts Payable $10,082.28.

Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg reported he is checking the pump under the Water Tower daily; he spread salt on the streets in front of the Emma Burnham Library and also up the street in front of the Auditorium. Librarian Cox also tries to keep salt spread around by the EBL. 

Emma Burnham Library – Board Member and incoming Vice-President Judy Schultz was approved with a motion by GS/TM. Motion Carried. Board member Jeannie Schmidt resigned. The SD Public Library Survey FY2017 Cert Form was signed by Chairman/Mayor R.S. Campbell. The report was filled in by President Thersia Cox and Librarian Mavis Cox.

Frederick Forward – no representation

Historical Society – no representation

Frederick Development Corporation – no commentary


Retired Auditor Roger Schnabel’s Internal Control, Review and Recommendations was presented. The Frederick Board will request an in-person or conference call meeting with Mr. Schnabel.

The contract agreement for debris hauling was rejected.

An Assistant FO ad was presented but after review will be rewritten.  An ad will appear in the GDI next week and also notices will be up in Frederick Businesses. Applications will be available at the Finance Office. 

Budgeted medical insurance was noted.

Water gallon difference was noted.


 Craig Mickelson of Mickelson Realtors, Inc., presented a Resolution prepared by Fran Brink, land surveyor from Brink Survey of Aberdeen, on Anderson-Brotzel Subdivision in W1/2NE1/4 of Sec 11-T127N-R64 W. The Resolution to plat, which needed signing by the Finance Officer and approved by the Frederick Board, separated the land into two lots. This was the first of many steps. An oral acceptance was taken; Chairman Campbell Aye, Board Member Troy Millard Aye; Board Member Gary Schlosser abstained. Motion Carried.

Richard Osborn questioned when the street in front of his house would be repaired. The street has a sink hole due to a water line break from the past. Chairman Campbell will talk to Fran Brink about engineering the problem and bidding out the job. Osborn also asked about dogs running at large and questioned what to do when they come through the screen door? Board recommends holding the dog long enough to get the Brown County Sheriff’s Department there to pick it up. Dogs in Frederick are required to be on a leash or tied up in their yard. They also must have their Frederick dog tags and proof of current rabbi shots. Osborn requested a copy of the town’s dog ordinance. He also asked for his garbage can to be removed on the 25th of February.

Board Member Millard made a motion to retain the Groton Daily Independent Newspaper as official newspaper, 1st National Bank of Frederick as official bank, and Dana Frohling, Attorney, as official counsel for Frederick. Board Member Schlosser 2nd the motion. Chairman Campbell abstained. Motion Carried.


Elan City sent information on Radar Speed signs. BM Schlosser was given authorization to find a used radar speed sign on the Internet up to $750. It will be used at several different locations in Frederick hoping to make drivers aware of their speed. Motion made by TM/SC. Motion Carried.

The National Weather Service is hosting an Integrated Weather Team Meeting on March 21, 2018, at the K.O. LEE Library in Aberdeen. The one day event will focus on siren policy and high impact messaging during a disaster. Several showed interest, pre-registration is required.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM with a motion by GS/SC. Motion Carried.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on Monday evening, March 5, 2018, at the Frederick Community Center, 7 PM.

Finance Office number is 605-329-2242.      

 SDCL 1-25-1.

Diane Bruns, Frederick Finance Officer

Published at the approximate cost of $53.59. 15536