Groton City

Jan. 22, 2018

Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2018

The Groton City Council met on the above date at 7:00 pm at the Community Center for their second monthly meeting with the following members present: Opp, Blackmun, Peterson, Babcock and Mayor Hanlon presiding.  Also present were:  Finance Officer Hope Block, Attorney Drew Johnson, and skating rink manager Hannah Lewandowski.

The minutes from 1-8-18 and 1-10-18 were approved as read on a motion by Opp, and seconded by Babcock.  All members present voted aye.

Terry Herron, Kathy Sundermeyer, Stacy Mayou and Burt Glover arrive at 7:01 pm.

Moved by Peterson and seconded by Opp to authorize the following bills for payment.  All members present voted aye.

Payroll, $18,334.38, Employee salaries, Executive, Administrative, $2,746.15, Public Safety, $7,181.52, Public Works, $7,968.20, Culture & Recreation, $438.51, First State Bank, $7,214.50, SS and WH, First State Bank, $2,250.38, HSA contributions, Consolidated Fed Credit Union, $1,150.00, Employee savings, Chase Visa, $2,182.70, Postage, community center stove, xmas party prizes, library books, bikes and helmets, James Valley, $595.32, Phone and internet, Wellmark, $14,122.11, Employee insurance, SD Supplemental Retirement, $530.00, Employee retirement, Arbor Day Foundation, $15.00, Dues 2018, Auto Zone, $162.49, Seat covers water pickup, Banyon, $2,385.00, Program support, Car Quest, $18.62, Oil filters, Core & Main, $130.53, Adhesive, grease, o-rings, gaskets, Dan Sunne, $244.30, Annual Joint Utility Training School - Sioux Falls, Dollar General, $178.95, Xmas party prizes, paper products, Galls, $260.96, Police uniform - JB, Groton Independent, $72.65, Subscription, meeting mins, Hope Block, $101.95, SDML Annual Report Workshop - Huron 1/17/18, Ken's, $1,412.84, Gas, xmas party prizes, family crisis gift certificates, paper products, retirement party supplies and cake, Loris Pharmacy, $102.74, Xmas party prizes and gift certificates, Mid-States Org. Crime Info, $100.00, 2018 dues, MJs, $797.72, Gas, SD Dept of Health, $30.00, Water testing, SD One Call, $53.55, Message fees 10/17-12/17, Sperry Stump Removal, $1,650.00, Stump removal, Stacy Mayou, $185.00, Med flex, Ultimate Upholstery Solutions, $488.04, Elec & water pickup seats

Moved by Blackmun and seconded by Glover to approve the December 2017 finance report.  All members present voted aye.

Herron presents two quotes for commercial lawn mowers.

J Gross offered a 60 inch mower with a 5 year warranty for $10,119.

Jarod Fliehs offered a 61 inch mower with a 6 year warranty for $10,160.

Fliehs would also add a striper for free (about $100 value).

Herron suggested choosing Flieh’s mower considering the warranty benefits.  Moved by Blackmun and seconded by Opp to select Jarod Flieh’s Bobcat mower for purchase.  All members present voted aye.

Herron and Hanlon also discussed the possibility of Web Water putting up a building next to the city shop.  Herron left the meeting at 7:18 pm.

Lewandowksi explained that the skating rink has been going very well.  The hours for the skating rink are:

Mon-Thurs: 4pm-9pm

Fri: 4pm-10pm

Sat: 10am-10pm

Sun: 1pm-9pm

Lewandowski left the meeting at 7:24pm.

Mayou thanked the council for letting the department obtain the training to carry Narcan.  Cleveland attended the training for administering Narcan, and then he trained the rest of the department.  Mayou has obtained a standing order for Narcan and has created a policy regarding the medication. Mayou left the meeting at 7:42pm.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Opp to move the second meeting in February to the 21st.  All members present voted aye.

A motion made by Glover and seconded by Peterson to adopt an automatic supplemental budget for 2017 pursuant to SDCL 7-21-20.1 for grants as follows:

Expenditure: Police Department Salary (101-42100-41100) – 14,756.72

Means of Finance: Public Safety State Grants(101-33420)  – 14,756.72

Expenditure: PD Machinery (101-42100-43400) – 5,338.65 

Means of Finance: Public Safety State Grants (101-33420) – 5,338.65

All members present voted aye.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Babcock to hire Eide Bailly for the 2016 & 2017 audit.  All members present voted aye.

Moved by Glover and seconded by Blackmun to adjourn into executive session for personnel and legal items

1-25-2 (1) & (3) at 7:53 pm. All members present voted aye. Council reconvened into regular session at 8:15pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Scott Hanlon, Mayor

Hope Block, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $24.45. 15376