Columbia City

Jan. 9, 2018

Meeting Minutes

City of Columbia Council Meeting

January 9, 2017    7pm


ROLL CALL – Andrew Davis, Ellen Harr, Tyler Kampa, Cole Kampa, Corey Mitchell, Cara Dennert

Public attending – Jeremy Dosch

Corey Mitchell called the meeting to order.  He read the minutes from the December meeting.  There were no additions or corrections.  Cole Kampa made a motion to accept the minutes as read.  Ellen Harr seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.


City:  Jeremy Dosch –419.99 ; Kelsie Ehresmann –293.99 ; Winburn Const. 1925.64


Ellen Harr made a motion approve the warrants as submitted.  Tyler Kampa seconded the motion.  All in favor – motion carried.




Nuisances – Cole Kampa has ordered signs for the park – no trespassing signs (dual sided).  They will be here in a couple weeks.

Streets – none

Parks – none

Lagoon/sewer – none

Sewer accounts – We are getting close to being caught up with the billing system. 

Rubble Site – none

New Shop – In the contract, there was nothing provisioned for winter heat.  Right now the bill is at $7800 – about $3000 a month.  Corey Mitchell will talk to Wolf about the heating.  The contractors just ordered the rafters before Christmas – they are not here yet.  Corey will also talk to them about when they are getting back to work.  Jeremy Dosch will contact Web Water to get the new shop hooked up.


Cara Dennert was sworn in as the Chief Financial Officer.  Corey Mitchell talked about salary.  Andrew Davis asked about the sewage collection fee & other expenses.  Ellen Harr said that the testing fees were under $1000 a year.  Other wages to be discussed, approved, and published for 2018: Mayor $40 per meeting, $50 additional for attending.  Board members $30. per meeting, $40 for additional for attending.  Mayor and Board members get additional $15. for additional hrs and .535 cents per mile.  City Maintenance employees - $17 per hr, City Finance Officer $1000 per month.

Tyler Kampa made a motion to pay the Chief Financial Officer $1000 a month and to update other wages as previously discussed.   Andrew Davis seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.   

Designating a financial institute for the year.   Andrew Davis made a motion to name the First State Bank of Claremont, Columbia Branch to be designated as the city’s financial institution.  Cole Kampa seconded the motion.

Designating a publication source for the year.   Cole Kampa made a motion to have the Groton Daily Independent as our assigned newspaper publication.  Tyler Kampa seconded the motion.  All were in favor – motion carried.

FINANCIAL REPORT – was presented and approved.  Corey Mitchell discussed three of our bank CDs and how we will be putting money back into FIT from those CDs.

Andrew Davis made a motion to adjourn.  Cole Kampa seconded the motion.  All were in favor – meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting : February 6, 2018 7pm

Cara Dennert, finance officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $31.26. 15316