01-08 Joint

Brown County

Jan. 8, 2018

Joint Minutes


The Brown County Commission and the Aberdeen City Council met in joint session at 5:30 P.M. in the Aberdeen City Council Chambers, 123 S Lincoln Street, Aberdeen, SD.  Present from City were Council Members Bunsness, Johnson, Lunzman, Olson, Remily, Ronayne, Rux, Slaight-Hansen and Mayor Levsen.  Present from County were Commissioners Sutton, Fischbach and Chair Fjeldheim.   Commissioners Hansen and Kippley were absent.

ORDINANCE #18-01-01 /473:

On motion by Rux and seconded by Slaight-Hansen, the City unanimously voted to approve First Reading of Ordinance #18-01-01 /473.

Moved by Sutton, seconded by Fischbach to approve First Reading of Ordinance #18-01-01/473, An Ordinance to amend Section 48-127(5) of Chapter 48 – Subdivision, incorporating Chapter 46, Article II-Sidewalks of the City Code to require sidewalks on certain real estate where sidewalks do not exist upon the public right-of-way immediately adjacent to the real estate.  All members present voting aye.  Motion carried.


Moved by Fischbach, seconded by Sutton to adjourn the Brown County Commission.  All members present voting aye.  Motion carried. 

Maxine Fischer, Brown County Auditor

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