Frederick Town

January 8, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Town of Frederick

January 2018 Minutes

The Frederick Town Board meeting was opened by Chairman R. Scott Campbell Monday evening, January 8, 2018. He  lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. Those attending included Board Members Troy Millard and Gary Schlosser, and Finance Officer Diane Bruns.

The Minutes of December’s meeting were read and approved with one correction, omission of a sentence in Decembers ‘Other Old Business’. Motion made by GS/TM. Motion Carried.

The Financial Report for December was read and approved with a motion by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

January's Accounts Payable were approved with a motion by TM/GS. Motion Carried.


A&B Business Solutions sup Wtr/Swr/Garb $447.86; Badger Meter Meter Fees 2 mos Wtr $231.40; Community Store sup CC $16.27; Dakota Pump & Control Lagoon Inspection Swr $560; DENR Oper Cert Renewal Wtr $6; DENR Discharge Permit Swr $250; Dependable Sanitation 4th Qrtr Garbage Pick-up Garb $3693; D. Bruns wage CC $134.76; D. Bruns, Contract Labor $272.50; D. Bruns, FO wage+OT FO $1120.19; FDC Econ Dev Econ Dev $1200; FU Oil Co Propane EBL/CC-FH $571.80; JC Campbell, Inc. FO Bond FO $525; G. Schlosser wage Gen’l $46.17; GDI legals Gen’l $41.51; JVT phones, Int, services Gen’l/FO/Wtr/EBL $299.40; M. Cox wage EBL $506.02; MDU elect Sts/FO/CC/EBL/BP/SP/FH/Wtr/Swr $1309.29; R.S. Campbell wage Gen’l $92.35; R. Bakeberg, Sexton Cem $200.87; R. Bakeberg, Utilities Sts/Wtr/Swr $247.97; R. Bakeberg, Veh Allow Sts/Wtr/Swr $75; SD Dept of Rev Lab Wtr $15; SD Dept of Rev Sales Tax Garb $64.46; T. Millard wage Gen’l $46.17; USDA-RD AP Water Repair $475; US Treasury 4th Qrtr Employee Tax Gen’l/FO/CC/EBL/Sts/Wtr/Swr/LF $2121.54; WEB Water 741,000 gallons Wtr $2901.54. Total Accounts Payable $17470.71.


Utility Manager Rich Bakeberg was not present but gave a Utility Report earlier stating the pump at the Water Tower is running.

Frederick Forward - No action on request for funds

Emma Burnham Library - The 4th Quarter and Year-end Report was accepted with a motion by GS/TM. Motion Carried. 

Historical Society - no representation

Frederick Development Corporation - no representation


DENR recommendations from September have been met; Change on Appropriated number noted; another clean-up letter will be sent.


A letter will be sent to area Townships, along with the Annual CC Financial Report, requesting a donation for Community Center upkeep.

An annual Inspection Agreement from Dakota Pump & Control to inspect pumping equipment, was approved with a motion by SC/TM. Motion Carried.

Renewal of Environmental fees from DENR were noted.

Upcoming Board Member election is scheduled for 2nd Tues in April. No changes were made. Frederick will have a 3-year term and a 1-year term opening. Petitions will be available for pick up at the Finance Office beginning January 26, 2018.

Discussion was held on the Employee Salary Resolution. An hourly raise was given to Rich Bakeberg, UT Mgr., from $11 to $13 an hour with Base + Vehicle Allowance staying the same.

The scheduling for the Community Center was raised from $5/monthly to $25/monthly. The maintenance remains at $10.50.

An hourly wage for Mavis Cox, Librarian at Emma Burnham Library, was raised a quarter to $11/hourly. 

At this time it was motioned the board go into Executive Session. Motion was made by SC/TM. Motion Carried.

Coming out of Executive Session a motion was made to raise Diane Bruns, Finance Officer, wage $100 a month to $1400/monthly and also to hire an Assistant Finance Officer at $850 a month. Motion made by TM/GS. Motion Carried.

All these raises passed, all others remain the same.


A brochure and registration for an EM101 Workshop came from Director of Brown County Emergency Management, Scott Meints.

SDML is hosting the ‘2018 Municipal Government Day at the Legislatures’  in Pierre is February 6-7.

An invitation to join Arts South Dakota was presented. No action.


There being no further business to discuss the Frederick Board meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM with a motion by GS/TM. Motion Carried.

The next board meeting will be held on Monday evening, February 5, 2018, in the Frederick Community Center.  Finance Office number is 605-329-2242.  SDCL 1-25-1             

Diane Bruns, Finance Officer

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