Groton City
Jan. 8, 2018
Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2018
The Groton City Council met on the above date at 7:00 pm at the Community Center for their first monthly meeting with the following members present: Opp, Blackmun, McGannon, Peterson, Glover and Mayor Hanlon presiding.  Also present were:  Finance Officer Hope Block, Attorney Drew Johnson, Kathy Sundermeyer, Terry Herron, Dwight Zerr, and Shawn Lambertz.
The minutes were approved as read on a motion by Blackmun, and seconded by Glover.  All members present voted aye.
Moved by Blackmun and seconded by McGannon to authorize the following bills for payment.  All members present voted aye.
Payroll, $21,896.69, Employee salaries; Executive, $567.61, ; Administrative, $3,452.69, ; Public Safety, $8,257.31, ; Public Works, $9,619.08, ; First State Bank, $8,705.05, SS and WH ; April Ablen, $102.01, Dep flex; AFLAC, $356.62, Employee insurance; American Leagion, $700.00, Employee xmas party rental and food; Ameripride, $72.92, Rug rent; Beulah Hoops, $200.00, HWH rebate Heartland; Car Quest, $36.68, Lube, oil filters; City of Groton, $225.23, Xmas lite winners, postage; Colonial Life, $320.78, Employee insurance; Dwight Zerr, $54.16, Med flex; EMC, $91.21, Employee life insurance; Gene Loeschke, $200.00, HWH rebate Heartland; Guardian Insuarance, $258.53, Employee insurance; Hope Block, $93.00, Med flex; JGE, $718.45, Wire brush for skid loader; MACs, $36.53, Neoprene, cable ties; Metering & Technology Soln, $494.04, Meter supplies for Elem School; NW Energy, $10.00, Natural gas; Pipe Masters, $14,604.10, Sewer line cleaning, lift station cleaning; Runnings, $129.97, Waterproof gloves, grinder blade switch; S&S Lumber, $211.34, Gloves, tool basket, gift cert, primer, paint, brushes, 2 linear delta transmitters; SD Assoc of Rural Water, $575.00, Dues 2018; SD Dept of Env & Nat Res, $1,500.00, Discharge WW fee; SD Dept of Health, $258.00, Water testing; SD Municipal Electric Assoc, $1,123.00, Dues 2018; SD Municipal League, $1,350.47, Dues 2018; SD Police Chiefs Assoc, $97.04, Dues 2018; SD Retailers Assoc, $150.00, Dues 2018; SD Retirement , $10,802.79, Employee retirement; SD State Treasurer, $8,753.15, November sales tax; SD Supplemental Retirement, $530.00, Employee retirement; Shawn Lambertz, $288.00, HWH rebate Heartland & med flex; Tactical Solutions, $4,945.00, Speed trailer; Uline, $1,629.00, 3 bike racks; US Postal Service, $225.00, Presorted prices fee; Verizon Wireless, $42.61, Dump cam comm; Web Water, $11,453.97, 2,713,600 gal; Weber Landscaping, $14,348.06, Cemetery tree project; Wellmark, $14,122.11, Employee health insurance; Wellmark, $12,706.60, Employee health insurance; Groton Independent, $42.10, Minutes and ordinance; Dan Richards, $100.00, Santa at PMS; Drew Johnson, $925.00, Legal fees 12/17; Vickie Schulkoski, $112.35, Mileage - Banyon training; SD Dept of Env & Nat Res, $36.00, Certifications; NECOG, $1,584.93, Dues 2018; Heartland , $87,061.78, Power 12/17; WAPA, $25,781.72, Power 12/17; A&B Business Solutions, $162.05, Copier Rent; Full Circle Ag, $940.70, Dsl 115 gal; Groton Vet Clinic, $9.90, Nitrile gloves.
 Herron and Zerr reported doing some snow removal, working on the ice rink, cleaning the community center, getting mower quotes, fixing some meters that had froze up, working on the lift stations and getting ready for spring.  Herron and Zerr left the meeting after tåheir reports.
Lambertz reports doing house checks for load management, and presented a list of equipment that needs to be replaced or repaired.  He also discussed the agreement with NorthWestern Energy that will soon be filed.
Moved by Blackmun and seconded by Glover to send Lambertz to the Superintendent & foreman conference in Watertown from March 6-7.   All members present voted aye.
Lambertz left the meeting at this point.
Moved by Glover and seconded by Opp to recognize the following volunteers and employees and thank them for their service.  All members present voted aye.
Baseball volunteers:  Lars Hanson, Matt Locke, Tasha Dunker, Steve Giedt, Travis Antonson, Brenda Waage, David Blackmun, Mitchell Locke, Bary Keith, Jerry Locke, Jarod Fliehs, Doug Hamilton, Joe Foertsch and Steve Diegel;
Planning and Zoning Commission members @ $25/meeting or $50/special meeting: Les Hinds, Gordon Nelson, Jeff Steen, and Chris Khali;
Elected Officials: Mayor Scott Hanlon @ $625/mon; Council Members: David McGannon, David Blackmun, Ed Opp, Karyn Babcock, Jay Peterson, and Burt Glover @ $3,000/year;
City Employees: Hope Block, Finance Officer @ $22.50/hr; Peggy Locke, Deputy Finance Officer @ 21.22/hr; April Abeln, Assistant Finance Officer & Police Secretary @ 20.79/hr;
Stacy Mayou, Police Chief @ 5054.14/mon; Jerry Bjerke, Asst Chief @ 4551.82/mon; Justin Cleveland, Police Officer Level 1 @ 4384.38/mon; David Hunter, Police Officer Level 2 @ 3889.34/mon;
Terry Herron, Public Works Coordinator & Street & Water Supt @ 28.35/hr; Dwight Zerr, Wastewater Supt @ 25.14/hr; Shawn Lambertz, Electric Supt @ 36.95/hr; Dan Sunne, Electric Lineman @ 31.85/hr; Branden Abeln, Asst Street Supt @ 23.21/hr; Paul Kosel, Technology Specialist @ 24.55/hr;
Hannah Lewandowski, Warming House Manager @ $9.25/hr + $250/mon; and Erin Unzen, Tanae Lipp, Lee Iverson, Dragr Monson, Alexis Hanten, Anthony Schinkel, Jasmine Schinkel, Taylor Holm and Kellie Jones, Warming House Attendants @ $8.65/hr.
Mayor Hanlon appointed Cody Lindgren as a Planning and Zoning Commission member with a term expiring January 2021.
Hanlon also reappointed Jeff Steen as the secretary of the Planning and Zoning Commission with a new term expiring January 2023.
Council announced the April 10th election date with two-year terms expiring:
Dave Blackmun
Dave McGannon
Burt Glover
Moved by Peterson and seconded by Glover to allow Hanlon to sign the 2018 South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance agreement.  All members present voted aye.
Moved by Opp and seconded by Peterson to adjourn into executive session for personnel and legal items
1-25-2 (1) & (3) at 7:35 pm. All members present voted aye. Council reconvened into regular session at 8:20pm.
Moved by Opp and seconded by Glover to announce a special meeting January 10, 2018 at 7:00pm.  All members present voted aye.
Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.
Scott Hanlon, Mayor
Hope Block, Finance Officer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $33.94. 15291