GDI Living Heart Fitness is happy to welcome another new partner that is going to offer a fitness reimbursement program! The Avera Health Employee Health Plan will be rolling out a Fitness Center Incentive to their employees and/or spouse(s) starting 1/1/19!
Enrolled Avera employees and/or spouse(s) will be eligible for an up to $20 reimbursement per month for working out eight (8) days per calendar month at GDI Living Heart Fitness.

Research demonstrates that a more active lifestyle increases well-being and reduces healthcare costs. Read below to see if you qualify for this program! Starting 1/1/19, Avera will be rolling out a fitness reimbursement program to their Avera Employee(s) and spouse(s).  (Any other Avera related program or group is not eligible at this time.)

Eligibility rules:
  • Eligible adult must be  enrolled on the Avera Health Employee Health Plan
  • Must be an Avera employee and/or spouse
  • Eight (8) workouts per month = an up to $20 reimbursement per month ($40 per household)
  • Up to two eligible adults but must be the employee and/or spouse
  • January 2019 will be the first eligible month

The eligible Avera Employee/spouse would need to enroll online at NIHCArewards.org ORgo to their NIHCA participating fitness facility and enroll in person.Please note:  IF any Avera member was a previous member with another insurance company, please do not re-enroll in the program.  Already enrolled members are required to go to NIHCArewards.org website and click on the 2nd green button called: Already Enrolled.  The member would log in and go the Insurance tab so they can update and change their insurance information to now Avera Health Plans.

When you enroll, it will ask you for a membership barcode number.

If you hare an existing member, it will be the first four numbers of your access code.

If you are not yet a member, you will need to call or text
Paul at 397-7460 or Tina at 397-7285 to get an account set up for you.

Click Here to Enroll in the program

Under Member Options, Click on First Time Enrollment

Select Avera Health from the dropdown box

Type in 57445 for the zip code

Click on Enroll Online to complete the application